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  1. As of next week, I'm moving to begin a full time job and, while I love TDA, I know that I'm not going to be able to devote the time and brain power to the site that I want to, and more importantly, that it deserves from its admins. For that reason, I'm stepping back from admin duties as of this post. I've absolutely loved being a mod, and then an admin, here. TDA was, in many ways, the site I learnt how to mod on, and it's a been a amazing and rewarding experience (if at times somewhat stressful ). To all of the mods, past and present, thank you for being wonderful people and volunteering to do what you do. To all the members - you are amazing artists, amazing friends, and while I wasn't the chattiest person around, I feel like I have a little internet family, here, and I love you all! I hate to do this just after Enya left, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, unfortunately! You're left in some great hands with the current admins, however Thank you, guys!
  2. The votes have been tallied, and we now present to you the winners (in red) and finalists (in black) of the Dark Mark Awards 2016! awards by page thirteen. Artist of the Year arrietty. steadily Treacle Tart wildest dreams. Most Versatile Artist of 2016 arrietty. azimuth beyond the rain cat! page thirteen. Most Original Artist of 2016 Almathea azimuth deuce drinkerOFsouls wildest dreams. TDA's Next Big Artist accio! lady.luck nancy drew. pureblood. Treacle Tart Most Improved Artist of 2016 apsara. nancy drew. Treacle Tart Best Graphic of 2016 azimuth deuce heartfelt starbuck. Best Style amoretti fawkes. lumineux starbuck. steadily wildest dreams. Best Gallery Design abhorsen. awkward. Best Moderator arrietty. caomoyl cat! page thirteen. wildest dreams. Most Helpful Member ferlybadinage mockingjay Treacle Tart Best Requestor prokaryote. Best Tutorial Beginner's Guide to Composing Dark/Stock-based Banners by katharos Branwen's Intermediate Guide To Colorizations by abhorsen mini's guide to black & white by dust & decay Best Challenge Continuous Base Challenge by nyx the plotline shuffle challenge by wildest dreams. Best Member Artist aurora borealis MrsJaydeMalfoy prokaryote. RedHairGinny Best Junior Artist accio! krazyboutharryginny lady.luck toasty Treacle Tart Best Senior Artist caomoyl mockingjay nancy drew. snowdrop Vault 713 Best Graduate Artist abhorsen. callisto concise floralprint red herring Best Staff Artist beyond the rain cat! heartfelt milominderbinder nyx Best at Alternative Art atë! galaxies Best at Animation abhorsen. badlandr deuce Best at Banners amoretti deuce Enigma Best at Black and White Asphodelic deuce Best at Blends .evergreen lumineux nancy drew. ScareyKerri Best at Challenges lumineux wildest dreams. Best at Chapter Images callisto Enigma page thirteen. Best at Colouring abhorsen. arielle! azimuth heartfelt page thirteen. Best at Composition arrietty. katharos Best at Critique cat! Best at Colourisations abhorsen. arrietty. Best At Fanmixes starbuck. Best at Filling Requests beyond the rain callisto Enigma Best at Filtering arrietty. Enigma nyx Best at Icons Photoshopfreak Vault 713 Best at Manipulations cat! heartfelt Hobbit' Best At Partial Monochrome arrietty. Clara Oswald heartfelt milominderbinder Best at Signatures pureblood. Sunbear wildest dreams. Best at Simplicity lady.luck awkward. starbuck. Best at Stock Use amoretti beyond the rain katharos page thirteen. Best at Text east of the sun everest nyx Photoshopfreak Best at Texture Use cat! steadily Best at Vertical Banners cat! Treacle Tart
  3. Happy New Year! This year we're welcoming back our tradition of offering name changes without the usual restrictions - you don't have to provide a reason for the change, or require vault points. There are only 2 rules regarding a name change in this instance: - you cannot have had a name change within the last 6 months. - you cannot have changed your name 3 or more times. If these do not apply to you, please fill out the following form and post below: [b]Current Name:[/b] [b]Desired Name:[/b] [b]Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No):[/b] [b]Previous Name Changes:[/b] *Please note that all punctuation marks such as period and exclamation marks at the beginning of a new name will be moved to the end as they unfairly bump your gallery to the top of the list.* Because the TDA software allows you to have different Login and Display names, you must specify whether you also want your Login name changed. If you have your Login information saved in your browser you will need to change this if requesting a new Login Name. If you have already had 2 name changes and are requesting a 3rd, you must be an active member of the site, for example posting or filling requests, taking part in challenges, and so on.
  4. Nominations are now closed! Look out for voting in the new year
  5. Have you been naughty in the past and are still haunted by that dreaded "1 warn point" in your profile? Well, since the staff is really feeling the Christmas Spirit, we though that all the naughty members deserved something nice as well. So, if you have had a warn in the past and really think that your behaviour since then has been good, this is your chance to get that "-1 for good behaviour". To get considered, because each member will be judged on a case by case basis, you need to sign up in this thread (don't worry, only admins and staff mods will be able to see your post), with the reasons for your warn and a couple of lines about what you have done since to make up for it. To be able to sign up, your warn should be more than one year old and only one warn point will be removed by member. Remember that there is no guarantee that your warn point will be decreased. The topic will remain open until the 1st of January. So, go ahead and Happy Holidays from The Dark Arts staff team! (shamelessly reposted from 2014's announcement written by golden)
  6. tea cup

    New Admin!

    Welcome, Kristina! Were so excited to have you on board
  7. Hi everyone! As the tradition goes, warn decrease week will be held from December 25 to January 1. Members will have an opportunity to have warns removed from their log, assessed on a case by case basis - a holiday present from the admins to you! A topic will be posted on the 25th that will explain the process, and we'll post another notice as well. Name Change Day will be held on the 31st December - 1st January, for roughly 24 hours (the exact starting time may vary). We will post a topic for that event at that time. This will allow members the chance to change usernames with less restrictions than normal. Mark these dates down if you're interested!
  8. Nominations for the Dark Mark Awards 2016 are now open! Go and vote for the most deserving artist for each category here! Nominations open now, December 5, and close on December 25 at midnight GMT. Please remember to read and follow the rules, as always, as there have been some changes to the rules this year. Enjoy!
  9. Please congratulate nancy drew. on becoming our new Critique Corner Moderator, and everest for joining the Duelling Arena Moderator group! We're so happy to have them on board. Additionally, abhorsen. has moved from Duelling Arena moderator to Critique Corner Moderator - enjoy your new position, Branwen!
  10. Please vote for December's Featured Artist! The reasons for each artist's nomination are listed below:
  11. SECRET SANTA SIGN UPS CAN BE FOUND HERE! Make sure you read the instructions in the topic, and post using the form provided. Sign ups close December 17, so if you'd like to participate make sure to sign up before then!
  12. With some recent changes, a few new moderator positions have opened up for which we would need someone willing to fill them. We're currently looking for: 2 critique moderators You can apply for these positions if you have a warn level of 0% have been a member for more than three months are familiar with the rules of respective forums we allow artists of any rank to apply, but note that we want to encourage more non-staff artists to apply The duties of a critique moderator include to answer members' questions if there are any, regularly (every few days or so) clean out old topics from the Critique Corner, and ensure all rules for this area are being adhered to. We would also hope that you take an active role in the area by (continuing to) critique If you want to apply, please send me (tea cup) an application via PM describing your reasons for wanting to become a TDA moderator. Note that we judge you based partially on this application, so why it doesn't have to be long, it should make us want to take you on!
  13. Please congratulate heartfelt and arrietty. on joining the staff moderator team We're delighted to have them on board, so please congratulate them on their new positions and new colours!
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