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  1. Hello, everyone! Thank you for the welcome!
  2. Your compositions are so pretty and magical! I can't decide which graphics I like best. Everytime I think I've found one, my eye jumps to something else and I squee all over again. How do you decide what stock/textures to use? Do you have an idea of what you want to do beforehand, or do you just slap things on and add/subtract until things look right?
  3. I'm still not happy with the bit over Holliday's shoulder, but I'm too lazy to find more stock and this was really just to get used to a new program so... yay! Thank you for making this! Some notes on things I struggled with as a newbie to photoshop cc in hopes of being helpful to other people trying to follow this tutorial... Step Two - I wasn't quite sure how to erase the selective coloring only on certain parts of Holliday, so (1) I duplicated the new layer, (2) created a layer mask, painted over the lips, cheeks, and bits of the shoulder to give her a bit more life. (3) After I had the look I wanted, I made all the other layers invisible, leaving only the selective coloring layer and the original layer underneath visible. (4) I merged the two together, made the other layers visible again, and added a new layer mask to blend her into the background. Step Four - I couldn't wrap my head around the clipping layers and how to do the selective coloring in one go, so I just did the adjustments individually to each. If anyone else struggles, I suggest doing the coloring BEFORE duplicating and arranging the Windsor ruin images. Step Nine - I just created a new layer and used a dropper to pick up colors from the firethorn stock and used a brush to create a sort of filter over white text. I set the layer to multiply and right clicked on the layer and clicked "create clipping mask" so that it only showed up over the text. (Tbh this was just laziness. I didn't feel like going through all the effects. If I had all the fonts from my own computer, I probably would have used a script instead of Vanity. But, again, laziness.) Step Ten - I honestly had no idea where all these layers were coming from without copying and pasting the visible layer again, but finally found the most magical button on ps. In the bottom right-hand corner is a half-filled circle. All the layers used in the tutorial are listed there. I liked the lighting that I had in the graphic, so I skipped all the black and gray gradients except for adding the darkest of Every-V's gradients on soft light at 50%. I just liked the darker look. Step Eleven - I downloaded the free Topaz legacy plugin, but the settings didn't really work with the coloring I had going, so I messed around with the "Glow" Filter and added another selective-coloring layer on top.
  4. Hello! I'm Ginger. 26, grad student. Majoring in History, minoring in Literature (haven't decided on a specialization yet, but leaning towards 18th-19th century). I've only glanced at the forum, but it looks like I'm not the only one returning witht he quarantine! I've fallen off the graphic-making wagon, just doing some touch-ups, colourizations, and cropping here and there, but I've been wanting to get back into things for awhile. I haven't, because I got a new laptop and redownloaded gimp, but I HATE the new program and I think it might finally be time to upgrade. Looking forward to getting reaquainted and meeting some new people!
  5. Here you go! Feel free to re-request. If you decide to use, don't forget to rehost and credit. Thanks!
  6. Psssaw. Your style is totally chic.

  7. Just popping in to say I saw this+ lovely thing in the pylc and fell in love. The pink and the leafy green just work so well together, and I love how you manage to make everything look natural and effortless. Your style is so chic. Share your secrets. xD
  8. Okay so I love all of this. Your style is so clean and innovative, and everything is just gorgeous, but my absolute favorite thing in the universe is now your T. S. Elliot blend. It's messy and colorful and bold and awesome and if you ever make more like that poke me so that I can add it to my shrine.
  9. Let me know if you need anything edited! If you decide to use these, please remember to rehost and credit sunblock @ TDA. Thanks!
  10. heyyyyy :D thanks for the lovely comment in my gallery (really, drama and stuff going down is definitely what i'm going for) !! <3 and those icons are gorgeous so you totally deserve the squee :):D

  11. Oh my. Oh my. OH MYYY... This is just spectacular. I looove love love your banners, but everything is just so beautiful. I love the contrast and drama in your work. It pulls you in. If someone had one of your banners for their stories, I'd know sh!t was going down. xD Edit: And thank you for the squee! omg xD
  12. Okay. I love your gallery. Usually I link all my favorite bits, but there will be so many links. HOW DO YOU TEXTURE? It just baffles me. Everything is so clean and pretty and I love it. I love that you've got all the classic hollywood stuff too. Never enough of that around. xD
  13. Procrastinating NaNo with graphics... my life is colored with good decisions

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