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  1. -Harry Potter




    -Doctor Who

    -Gossip Girl

    Do you watch Angel too? Because if you do that would be quite freaky, that we might have the exact same fandoms :L

  2. Just came on here and saw it was your birthday... happy birthday! :)

  3. Hey, I'm in need of a couple of chapter images, I had a look in your gallery and love your stuff, but noticed you didn't have any... is that because you hate them with a passion or because you need one (please let it be the second one so I can share in the prettiness that is your graphics?

  4. Haa, I told you I might turn stalkerish. Now, have you something in the queue? :L btw love the Logan Lerman gifs :D

  5. Thanks for the birthday message! :)

  6. Congrats on the promo! You so deserve it, you're amazing :) Good luck being a Grad :)

  7. Argh, another thing I have to watch! I feel kinda weird asking my friends to go see it with me because they'll ask what it's about and I'll be like...um... a girl who pretends to have sex with her gay best friend... and they'll just be like 'Right...' and refuse to see it with me :( they're so weird :D

  8. Oh I really wanted to see that! Even if I do piss my pants if I watch a horror (or even remotely creepy) film. I tend to stick to safe kind of stuff. Tearjerkers too. Cry me eyes out :'(

  9. My parents generally don't want to see the same things as me... lol I think the last film I went to see was Deathly Hallows... I should go to the cinema more... :D

  10. Oh, wow, you don't use the same word in America.... erm, film ratings. Like in England we have U, PG, 12A, 12, 15 and 18. Age restrictions. Sorry, I didn't know there was a different word :P The whole BritishEnglish/AmericanEnglish thing confuses me.

  11. My parents tried too, but they gave up as well. They've given up with a few things now... movie certificates being one of them :/

  12. Sugar? On peas? Nah, not fond of vegetables (except carrots), but fruit is goooooood :D I hate broccoli because of my 'traumatic experience': I was about five and I wanted to sit in the trolley while my dad did the shopping, but he buried me in broccoli :( meanie

  13. lol, many of my friends are of a similar opinion :P i like it. can't stand most vegetables, especially broccoli (i had a traumatic experience), or marzipan :L

  14. NO BLOODY WAY! YOU'VE NEVER TRIED MARMITE? You can't just describe Marmite, you have to taste it, it's like spread... and... look the adverts up on youtube, you either love it or you hate it :D

  15. Will do :D so, any other foods that are massive in Britain but not heard of in America? You ever tried Marmite? :D

  16. I really don't know, it's not a very big thing here in England, the only place you can buy it is at a supermarket :P

  17. Never tried macaroni and cheese. :(

  18. Aw you lucky thing :D How was your day??

  19. My mum's really paranoid about things like that, but my dad watched one episode of the Inbetweeners... and bought the box set. I can hear him laughing at it when he thinks I'm asleep and I'm like grrrrrr :D

  20. Okay, I've finally got round to rehosting those chapter images you did for me, (Thanks so much!!! They are beautiful!) and I was wondering which name I should credit to? At the moment I've written both :)

  21. (contd) found out it was an 18+ rating. Whoops.

  22. Oh, don't bother watching it :L it's about these four English teenage boys, one's a nerd, one is quite astoundingly stupid, one has the most disgusting sick mind in the world, and one is actually decent. But it's got pretty strong language and sex references and stuff and my mum walked in on me watching it... not good :/ I'm not allowed to watch it any more, especially since sh

  23. Ah thanks, I love Glee, Gossip Girl, Friends, Scrubs and The Inbetweeners (my guilty pleasure: they disgust me but at times they are so hilarious I forget about all of that) I hate the people, but love the scenarios :P

  24. Ah, it sucks, but neither he or she know, so fingers crossed... now that WOULD be awkward :D what tv shows do you like? I know that's a random question, I'm just mega bored and need to talk, or have some kind of human contact, I was off sick today :/

  25. Nah, it wouldn't have been awkward if I hadn't used to have a pretty major crush on him. :/ not so great

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