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  1. Nicole remember me? :P lol how are you? :D it's me Sofia! :D your new username is cool! :P I almost didn't recognize it! :P lol sooooo.... how have you been? ^_^

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    2. prongsbeak


      IT HAS BEEN AGES!!!! *cry* :P hehe lol 2012 was good for me! :) what about you? :) hehe that Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch (not sure if I wrote it right) is great! :D I did wonder where did you go since I never saw your old username again and when I saw your sig, and it mentioned Nicole, I wondered...

    3. prongsbeak


      ... if it was you! :P lol

    4. prongsbeak


      oh and I hope that finals go well for you! :D

  2. Congratulations on your promo, darling! I am honored to share the same rank with you! You are so talented! I think i”m gonna steal this and run away. Love, Nicole PS: Artemis is my favourite godness. Bless your username!
  3. Woah, i admire those who can make blends and yours are stunning! Congrats! Also your coloring is so unique, just wow! I would love to see some icons from you! Keep up the great work! Nicole
  4. Happy New Year! http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/1738/hnyvo.png (just a small graphic :P)

    1. johnlocked


      Thank you so much for the present, i hope this year will be great for you! :D

  5. Present Name: SeptiennaDesired Name:johnlocked or adlerationAlso Change Login Name?: nopePrevious Name Changes: from aloha! to septienna -as far as i remember- last year thankies!
  6. Congrats, darling! I love your style and you're such an amazing mod too.
  7. You are all fantastic!!! Many congrats, guys!
  8. Thank you very much my dear! Have a lovely 2012 (:

  9. thanks a ton, Nicole! ^^ Happy new years to you, too! <3 [and I totally LOVE your current sig, btw!]

  10. thank you, love! happy new year to you too xx

  11. it's soooo weird to see 'logged in as: prometheus' :P

  12. haha lol :P i'm good thanks! :P well, the explanation of my username is on that topic of the why did you choose that username... :P it's a catchy name right? :P i had to send my gallery to GPP though... you can see how it looks now... :(

  13. thank you so much nicole!!<3 and for the lovely graphic too ^_^ happy new year to you too! and i like your new name :D

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