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  1. thank you so much for the squee ❤️

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      You're very welcome, those banners are stunning 😍 

  2. i hope this is okay! lmk if you need any changes or feel free to open it up to someone else -- otherwise, you know what to do =D (the albus is a young varun dhawan, in case you need to request other graphics with him!)
  3. may I try? 🙂 (not sure I can find someone more obscure than lucky blue but I can certainly try!)
  4. hello! how is this? =D i can give it another shot if you need me to (i did say i was rusty hahaha) or make any changes you need! you know what to do otherwise (;
  5. Artist Name: jade/page thirteen. Acknowledged Weak Points: right now - i suspect text and (surprisingly) colouring Type of Critique Requested: i've just come back after like 2 years so just a sort of nudge in the right direction sort of thing -- just want to know i'm on the right track or if i'm making really obvious mistakes, also like, some ideas of how to get out of that sweet comfort zone * i haven't made any new blend-blends yet, although i do have a new header, so i recognise that also makes things difficult D; Software: PSCC Most Recent Gallery Update: 11/7 Gallery Link: Gallery Requested Time Frame: no rush we're in quarantine m8 thanks bex!
  6. i tried really hard to make your chosen picture for james work but it just wasn't vibing right - i tried to pick a really similar picture tho! lmk if you need any changes or feel free to reopen -- otherwise just rehost and credit ^_^
  7. i can try this! is it okay if i use slightly different pictures for charlotte though? same face claim and everything, just something a bit more high quality?
  8. that blend you just posted in PYLC is amazing omg 

    1. skygirl


      thank you @page thirteen.!!!!!! ❤️ 

  9. thank you for your two month patience with me and my laptop 😐 i've got two text options for you cuz i wasn't sure which one you'd prefer :'D lmk if you need any changes!
  10. @JadedWraith the colouring and composition on this is so pretty!! i really love the airy blues and that cool negative space!
  11. okay, i hope this is okay! I don't have the exact same fonts anymore since I moved computer, but if you want me to, I can track down the original -- i went with something close for now :') let me know if you need any edits!
  12. I got you! I'll try and get it to you in 24 hours, you've been so patient!
  13. hi hi! i hope these are okay! i can make changes if you need me to or you can reopen for another artist c: if it's all good though then just rehost n credit :')
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