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  1. thank you so much for the squee ❤️

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      You're very welcome, those banners are stunning 😍 

  2. that blend you just posted in PYLC is amazing omg 

    1. skygirl


      thank you @page thirteen.!!!!!! ❤️ 

  3. i left a message in the awards topic but like, figured it would be hard to spot cuz everything moves so fast - but is there any chance you can make a honourable mention award for the episode challenge too? :')

  4. woooo welcome to the team, guys!! (and welcome to off-topic, rod )
  5. ohhhh congratulations everyone!! i love seeing giant lists of names, these are all so well-deserved! : D thank you to everyone who nominated or voted for me as well! and omg ess i've been drooling over those awards for ages
  6. hey Jade how are you? :) btw I posted in the 'name that font' forum one of your banners because I'm not sure what the name of the font you used is called...

  7. Q - Z A - H & I - P *** queen_luna - queen.of.the.pack [!versailles, Amber] - Amber/Bee Queen Sabreen - Sabreen quixotic [nostalgia., maskedmuggle] - Charlotte radish [bridgettexoxo] - Reyn Raindrops [ZannaBanna] - Zanna RainingGrace - Rain RandomNinjaNerd - Na Ravenenchantress - Sera raveneye - RAWR! [AwesomeLionessHermie] rebel_heart [Chocolateluver] - Sama Rebellion - rebelsheep - MJ redballarina. [gryffindor_princess21] Redglove. [parisinjune] - RedLeoBox [opal_evans] - Leonie RedRose_VioletLily - red velvet [Mahalo] - Christa reneRZ_ - Renee rêveur [balletSlippers] - Emily Reviva
  8. I - P A - H & Q - Z *** IamAlionRawr - Danielle Icarus. [stormynights] - Wren ignorance - Nikki illumination. [laylacitababy] - Scarlett ilovemyflute - Emily Ilse [MissGlinda] - Dani imitation [CoCo786] - Humera incarnationofmylove [shlesha] - Shlesha infinite. [little.promises, septemberstars] - indiana jones [c'est la vie, bluebird] - Caroline in.wonderland [discern, stranger_than_fiction] - Stephanie in.reverie [revolutionarylove] - Crys insomniatic [!nkblot, Val] - Val inspector. [lucked08] - Kelso invidia - Bar invisibleforest - Suzie iridescent. [lovehate95] Iriki - Tiffany Irma
  9. Current Name: page thirteen. Desired Name: snicket! Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please! Previous Name Changes: jaydscarlett -> clarity. -> page thirteen. thank you! <3
  10. it's finally the last days of the year so i feel like it's time for me to finally reply to y'all : | @kaitlin i appreciate the holiday love a whole year late! honestly though, thank you so much for this comment- i remember being very flattered by how much you like my colouring lmao and i am still very much #teamneon for life (probably more so nowadays ). it's unfortunate that a lot of the graphics from 2016 are gone, but i'm still very glad you like my lighting (and i hope you had a great 2017! i know you're travelling rn lmao) @jordan omg everytime u come in here i cry BUT i love t
  11. hi kelsey, i'm jade! welcome (back) to tda! : D i'm super excited to see you back- i hope that there's nothing too surprising in terms of changes on the site but i hope you give things like making a gallery a go, but if not, i will totally welcome you in off-topic lmao \o/ i was also around a lot in 2011-2013 (probably as clarity. back then) so i feel you on the returning front :') like alison, i'm down to pm/answer questions/chat anytime because i'm shameless |:
  12. ohhh, i remember you too! (i was definitely smaller than kristina, but your username is familiar to me!) welcome back to tda! i also did the coming-back-from-hiatus thing, but you'll fit right back in, and i'm super excited to see your manips again on the site : D
  13. yaaay congratulations hannah and grace!! <3
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