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  1. i tried really hard to make your chosen picture for james work but it just wasn't vibing right - i tried to pick a really similar picture tho! lmk if you need any changes or feel free to reopen -- otherwise just rehost and credit ^_^
  2. i think because i've allowed no added text, i cannot allow less text, so the full thing, i'm afraid! 😈
  3. my in post - 153/13/7 [img]https://i.ibb.co/yVs0jHL/bannerwinter.png[/img]
  4. i can try this! is it okay if i use slightly different pictures for charlotte though? same face claim and everything, just something a bit more high quality?
  5. that blend you just posted in PYLC is amazing omg 

    1. skygirl


      thank you @page thirteen.!!!!!! ❤️ 

  6. omg this is so cool!! the composition is great :'D i get what you mean about not wanting to move the base to fit the text lmao i think of the options you've got, i prefer the top yellow one - i think it fits the vibe better and it blends into the background better, but i do think maybe the yellow isn't working. is it possible to try that text in blue? does it blend in too much if you do that?
  7. Challenge Issued By: jade/PAGE thirteen. Challenge Title: the page/line/word challenge Image Size: any 1 of the following: 500x200 sig, 110x700 vertical banner, 700x110/700x150 banner, 380x300 chapter image Text: the quote you're given (and nothing else!) Specific Images: up to you! Mood: up to you! Animation: if you can swing it Other Information: i'm resurrecting this ol' challenge i made. the way it works is that when you're in, you post a page/line/word reference. i've written out the titles of most* of my books and i'll stick them all in a randomiser- whichever one comes out, i'll find that page/line/word you selected and give you the whole sentence. that'll be the text on your graphic! that's a bit of a weird explanation, but say i choose 21/8/25, choosing the nearest book, it gives me the quote: "You must have noticed me staring at you during the set." that's the only text allowed on my graphic :') if you don't vibe with the quote you get (totally understandable!), drop me a PM or profile comment, and i'll grab a different book and give you something else : ] * i didn't include the following: compendiums, graphic novels, manga, e-books, anything i couldn't read the title of because it was too far away, or anything that's hardback or very tall because i couldn't be bothered to go into the other room for them lmao. it's left 269 books, so we'll be fine anyway, imo. Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: 12 july 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry within code tags! [code][img=image url here] ------ amoretti - I began gathering up my things slowly, trying to block the anger that filled me, for fear my eyes would tear up. (Twilight, Stephenie Meyer) beyond the rain - "Let us use this inopportune alertness to inspect a less frantic city than we find in the day, and determine where we might be of service." (You Suck, Christopher Moore) felis catus - (I eat my scones with big slabs of it, so the butter melts on the outside but keeps a cold bite in the middle.) (Carry on, Rainbow Rowell) invidia - "Well, but at least you can get to the part where you don't matter." (An Abundance of Katherines, John Green) KayLO REN - "No, not that, come with me." (Twilight Robbery, Francis Hardinge) Lady Plantagenet - A few more strokes and he had to let some air out, then some more, until his lungs were completely empty and the pain was crippling him. (SIlverfin, Charlie Higson) hamylton. - Gimli started and then stood still as stone, staring, while the old man sprang up the steps as nimbly as a goat. (The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers: The Treason of Isengard, J. R. R. Tolkein) page thirteen. - He pulled her against him, cradling her body. (Winter, Marissa Meyer) PhoenixAlthor - "And face one of you two?" (The Well of Ascension, Brandon Sanderson) softbun - "Then I had to decide what to say to you when we met." (Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman) theodosia - The ground shook, and they could see fires burning perhaps a thousand yards away. (The Death Instinct, Jed Rubenfeld)
  8. thank you for your two month patience with me and my laptop 😐 i've got two text options for you cuz i wasn't sure which one you'd prefer :'D lmk if you need any changes!
  9. @JadedWraith the colouring and composition on this is so pretty!! i really love the airy blues and that cool negative space!
  10. this pleases me 😏 i think i like the last one the most too now that i've had some time to bond with it -- so i'm gonna go with that :'D mods, this can be graveyarded now!
  11. thank you guys! i definitely see what you mean with the purple - clearly went too hard trying to make it contrasted :'D i've tried to switch up the purple bar + text that went with it and i have a few options- this is just a more muted purple, in case it was just the neon that was inappropro this is the bar and text turned properly red: i think i'm not too mad at this one, but now i'm not sure if the purply-ness of the background stands out too much, so i took your suggestion too, jordan, and changed the hue of the texture in the background- are these any better? : D i really appreciate the help (and i'm relieved to know the sharpening seems okay so far 🤣 )
  12. hey everyone! i'm trying really hard to get back into graphicing properly but, tragically, i've forgotten everything in my absence (it's been like... 18 months?). i've made this CI for the dark essence challenge, but i'd love some feedback on it to make it a lil better - i've stared at it too long and also, i've no concept of composition anymore : ( also, i'm on a completely different laptop and my resolution on photoshop is really weird, so it's throwing me off in terms of sharpness/filtering, etc, so please tell me if something is off in those regards! i used to oversharpen everything, and ... i could still do that, i guess, but maybe i should pretend to know what real sharpness looks like first 😬 thank you in advance y'all!
  13. okay, i hope this is okay! I don't have the exact same fonts anymore since I moved computer, but if you want me to, I can track down the original -- i went with something close for now :') let me know if you need any edits!
  14. I got you! I'll try and get it to you in 24 hours, you've been so patient!
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