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  1. hi hi! i hope these are okay! i can make changes if you need me to or you can reopen for another artist c: if it's all good though then just rehost n credit :')
  2. okay i meant to get this completed yesterday but i ended up messing up my leg again :| buuuut i hope this is okay! i can give it another shot or make changes if you want, or feel free to reopen for another artist :')
  3. ahhh i adore it! it's perfect for sam and i feel like it's the perfect update for him after two years tbh :'D i've already rehosted and credited thank you so much again for this!!
  4. okay i have two options because there were a lot of great images i can take another shot though or make edits or you can reopen, no worries on that! if one of these appeals, just lemme know and i'll crop the icon/pp! c:
  5. Size: 500x200 sig, 250x400 icon Images: hope these links work. :| +this is my preferred set of image cuz i'm into that new shoot buuuut +here's some back ups that i'm also into! the fc is francisco lachowski if you want to find more, or lemme know if you want me to hunt extra things down :') Text: sam holden Color Preferences: i'm open :] Preferred Mood: neutral-ish? sam is a pretty average dude and he's matured since i last got a set for him, but he's still a grungy skater dude, so i'm not picky :') the only thing to bear in mind is probably that he's a dad now, so probably not like grimdark Link to Place to be Used: my profile Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): december 2016 Additional Information: idk if you need anything further, but just lemme know :') thank you in advance!! mods - ck profiles should be set up to be guest friendly so you can view credit :]
  6. omg i am so in love with these edgy pastel vibes!! it's so cute and i'm so into it omg, it's perfect for him :') i will ofc rehost and credit, etc, but i'm just like \\\\\o//// rn also i have no idea which icon im gonna pick this is so difficult (also nbd on the wait! i'm clearly late in picking it up too lmao!)
  7. kara's said she's having a hectic week this week, so she might be a bit delayed - i'm okay with that, and she knows that, so afaik, she's still on it :') if she gets too busy, i'll let you know!
  8. i honestly just ended up questioning whether i could actually read, it's okay :'D either way, thank you so much!! it really is absolutely perfect for him and i'll rehost and credit the sig as soon and i get home - also, thank you for being so speedy omg :')
  9. omg it's so cute for him omg i just want to pinch his cheeks #momreactions i love it and it's so perfect for him :'D i just have one small thing but i think his surname is spelt wrong on the sig - i know it's really minor but it'll bug me otherwise :| (unless it's just the font, in which case, that's my fault and i'll just learn to read ) i'll def be off rehosting + crediting the icon though! also, irrelevant, but thank you for using my favourite picture as the main one lmao - i didn't want to stifle ur creativity but i'm still here like
  10. Size: 500x200 sig, 250x400 icon Images: zayn ft +penshoppe! Text: "elias khan" or "eli khan" - whatever fits best :'D Color Preferences: eli's aesthetic has evolved to a neutral gray/pastel blue (purple is also acceptable) look so things in that family are probs best, but i'm okay with pops of brighter colour :') Preferred Mood: neutral-ish, he's not particularly happy or sad lmao :| Link to Place to be Used: my profile Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): august 2017 Additional Information: i trust you v much because it's zayn, so really just go wild with the images because you know i'll love it anyway thank yooou <3 * note: bought the second req with my vault points, the mod already know c:
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