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  1. Brown eyes watch curiously at your surroundings, observing students and professors as you attempt to guess where you might fir best. The green and silver colors of Slytherin attracts you the most, but you're not entirely sure you have what it takes to be in that house. Ravenclaw is also a close contestant when you ponder over which house you want to be in, though unable to choose between the two, you eventually decide to leave the decision to the sorting hat who's meant to know best where you'd fit.
  2. This issue is so cute omg! Love the minions and this has been a blast to read!!
  3. Thanks for the squee :loves:

  4. Bar || 26|| Israel I haven't had a gallery on TDA since about 2015-16, so bear with me as I slowly attempt to return. Newest on top Icons Signatures Banners Chapter Images Blends Credit list: Devian Art: ErenaeErae , cypher-s, Ca
  5. What great coding!!! Also thank you for the mentioning, definitely did not expect to see my name in the Digest
  6. Ugh, Carla your filtering is still as beautiful as ever <3 I always love stalking your gallery because you have such beautiful style, and you always make many pretty things <33 I adored your style since I started here, and I'm definitely going to continue stalking you ~Bar
  7. BAR!! I have a chapter in NaNo novel that's titled invidia and I totally thought of you, lol. <3

    1. invidia


      Omg <3 That is really sweet ♥♥♥

  8. Your Style is so beautiful *-* I just love the softness in some graphics and god, your coloring is amazing <3 I entered here by accident but now I don't want to leave! Definitely going to be paying you many visits in the future ) ~Bar
  9. Thanks so much for the squee and kind words, Bar <3 You're too lovely!

    1. invidia


      No problem! You're really talented and you deserved it :)

    2. Mintleaf
  10. Name: Bar. Tumblr: Music is Life. Twitter: bar_yona Skype: If you want my Skype PM me Other: n/a
  11. Jessssssss <3 Just, your coloring I love it so much <3 It's so beautiful! Your style is so unique, and I honestly wish I could make graphics like you <3 You're so inspiring and I love stalking your work ♥ ~Bar
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