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  1. oh man, thanks! That was so sweet of you to take the time to say so. Yours is adorable too - yay HP related things!

  2. I saw you popped by my profile so I came to stalk you/stare at the adorable monkey on your profile.

  3. ooh, thank you! (: I love yours too. Disney = loveee <333

  4. haha s'ok. i love your username too <3. and it's really funny the awkward hug was like one of my favorite scenes of the movie, so every time i come to your profile i can't help but stare at it for like 10 minutes lol.

  5. omg i can't believe i wrote such a long comment... X|

  6. Yeah, that I got from my cuzins (they LOVE making gif's for me)

    LOLZ, my cousins birthday is also the day after mine! XD

    Don't worry though, I've experienced that a lot ever since i realized everyone knew how old I was. I was quite surprised myself to think that me and my sister were the youngest ones on the site (I think).

    And don't worry, I didn't think you

  7. that sounded kind of rude. sorry! & sorry for spamming your comment box too ;D

  8. holy cows! You're 10? I never would have known!

  9. Oh hey, your birthday is a day before my sisters. :D

  10. xD

    Lol @ "your harry potter experience"

    Is that new? I swear you didn't have that before.

  11. I like your icon. (: Simple but pretty.

  12. woah. I love your username.

    I just had to come and tell you, because I saw it and I was like "PRETTY! *click*"

    That's all. :'D

  13. You've probably noticed I come to your profile alot, for which I apologize. xD

    I just absolutely adore your username, and feel compelled to click every time I see it.

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