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  1. Susan! <3333 I was just passing by, thinking of the good ol' days, and I wanted to take a peek at what you're doing now. I can't get over it - you're even better than I remember, and that's really saying something! I'm just going to sit here and drool a while - rena
  2. happy birthday!!!^_^

  3. WHUT it's your birthday :D happy birthday! :)

  4. happy birthday hun!! <3

  5. of course you can :D thanks for asking!

  6. can i add you on aim? I'd love to talk to you <3


  7. omg juliet! I didn't recognise your new name :D thanks so much for the welcome. I've started making some things already and entered a couple of challenges, but the standard around here is impossibly high! I'm scared xD

  8. So... my jaw dropped when I saw you online! I hope you make some graphics soon. I miss them lots.

  9. Ahh I feel like Ron after he thinks Harry slipped him that luck potion :') ROAR, I SHALL! And FWEEE!

  10. AIMEEEE HOW DARE YOU? How can you say things like "stupid stuff"? I am tripping over all the awesome in here! Your icons are BRILLIANT. Here's what I learned today: you can make them! Sheeeeeeeeesh woman. Not to mention the banners and blends. The Inara one has me swooning. ILYMWAH <3
  11. You are not clueless. YOU ARE AIMEE, HEAR YOU ROAR! Seeeriously dude, if you did it once you can do it again. mmmmwah! I'm going to add your AIM (:

  12. gahhh it's stupid stuff! but it's in my gallery if you reallly wanna see it -grumblegrumble- And I dunno.. I'm more clueless than you. Coming back is gonna be so harddd >.<

  13. icons I'm okay with, I've had an icon community for a year or so but everything else? HOW DO I BLEND?! D: D: D: I want to see your new stuff. NOWK?

  14. thank you so much :D it's pretty I guess, but nothing compared to the standard of graphics being made around here these days! it's an insane and beautiful thing (: ty for the welcome!

  15. I KNOWWWW O_O It's quite daunting. About a week, but I've only made 3 graphics, and am pretty sure I've forgotten how to make icons. Seriously.. they're so tiny.

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