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  1. wildest dreams.

    Dark Mark Awards 2018 - winners&finalists!

    Legitimately NEVER thought I would see a year where I was artist of the year so that’s such a huge shock and I’m really excited about that! Thank you so much for all the votes!!!! 💕💕💕💕 Congratulations everyone else all of these are super well deserved!!!!!
  2. wildest dreams.

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    meeee [img=https://k.nickpic.host/BYNWv8.png] i challenge thee to make a blend with at least two models upside down
  3. wildest dreams.

    February's Featured Artist!

    congrats! super well deserved ❤️
  4. Congrats you guys! Enjoy the staff team! ❤️
  5. wildest dreams.

    Crooked Kind

    BUMP. CK is nearing it's fourth birthday! Come check us out, meet our friendly members and check out all the fun things happening in the next year!
  6. wildest dreams.

    stay out of the forest.

    MIA YOUR GALLERY IS SO PRETTY I can't believe you were so worried about making stuff when you're already so good ❤️ This+ is definitely my favourite thing in your gallery, I love that it looks so soft and airy and sparkly but also kind of angsty and I really can't wait to see you develop that sort of style! I also really adore the banner, it's so well cut and the mono looks SO good ❤️ I definitely can't wait to see what more you do!!! And I'm definitely going to be back to lurk ❤️
  7. wildest dreams.

    they say she's gone too far this time

    @bewitching. aw thank you so much for saying that! Text is usually my worst enemy so I really appreciate that it’s working for me 😂 @finxter365 thank you aw! again, text isn’t my best friend so this is super nice! For that piece there’s like very light blue tones on the flowers so I think knowing me I just took the blue tone and then went full on with making it darker and then was like ‘actually teal will pop more’, because my graphics are literally always never planned out at all 😛 also because I do mentally know like wheel wise orange + blue works it was very easy to know that would look good and experiment a bit with the tone and intensity of the colour and stretch the blue into teal rather than going straight up traditional blues! If you’re looking to experiment with colours like that it’s definitely easiest to do on graphics that have a solid main colour like that one to balance off of! Also I know omgg they look so good together petition for them to do literally anything together 😂 Thank you guys for the nice comments ily 💕
  8. how's this? any changes let me know! and if you like it credit to wildest dreams. or rosemary pierce!
  9. wildest dreams.

    January Promotions!

    congrats everyone! all so well deserved ❤️
  10. here you are! if you want any changes just let me know and if it's totally wrong feel free to reopen! otherwise rehost and credit either as wildest dreams.@tda or as rosemary pierce
  11. wildest dreams.

    A Place to Squee v.9

    thanks for my squees on the last couple pages!! ❤️ im here to add some more beauties! @ShadowRose taylor is getting so good!! this stock use!! the filtering!! the composition!!! @XxTheAvengerXxX i've been staring at this all day there's nothing i love more than a purple/yellow combo AND the left side comp which is so hard to make look good and this is just ugh amazing @sherlock ronnie u can't go five minutes without making something perfect but i love this especially of your recent graphics @Symple Lish this texture use and these COLOURs are killing me i love this a lot
  12. hey! how's this? any changes let me know ❤️ (also i realized after i made this that the last time i made her a sig it was red too shfkj)
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