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    i am pure taylor swift trash tbh
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  1. henlo mafee so this is my first real graphic w/ my new laptop i'm still getting used to it being a bit different so if anything looks off to you pls lmk i'll be super happy to change it ❤️ otherwise u can just credit to rosemary!
  2. Hi liv!! I'm hannah, I recognise you from pw I play rosemary pierce and violet dodge over there ^_^ I really love the sig you have it's absolutely gorgeous and I love amy ❤️ I'd definitely love to see more of your graphics and my inbox is always open if you want a chat, or the same goes on pw!! ❤️
  3. BUMP. We're officially four years old! Celebrations are incoming,a new round of awards and a few other surprises! We have friendly, dedicated, members, plenty of wanteds and lots of room for new people! Come check us out any time!
  4. hannah's awards (still updating) promotions (award by cat!) (award by winter soldier) brb w/ my senior promo contour staff critique moderator: february 2012 - 2013 requesting arena moderator: june 2015 - 2018 social media manager: august 2017 - 2018 bblb coordinator featured artist (beyond the rain) dark mark awards 2018 (starbuck) artist of the year best at texture use (starbuck) best at chapter images best at composition best at filling requests best at signatures best style best at text 2017 (endlessly) best at signatures (endlessly) best master artist best moderator best at partial monochrome 2016 (snicket!) best style best at signatures (snicket!) artist of the year most original artist of 2016 best moderator best challenge best at challenges 2015 (starbuck) best graduate artist best at signatures your best work (snicket!) (endlessly) (carpe.noctum) ultimate challenges beyond the rain newt scamander beyond the rain arietty marzipan snicket!
  5. hey scott! I totally remember you and your graphics, (I doubt you'd remember me at all 2014 was near the end of my own hiatus 😛) but I'm hannah! I'm really excited to see you back on the board and I can't wait to lurk any new graphics ❤️
  6. Thank you sm for the squee angel!! And congrats on your FA 💕

    1. Kirjava


      You are most welcome! That animation looks incredible on your sig comp 😍😍 and thank you so much! ❤️

  7. congrats shona!! so well deserved ❤️
  8. tfw you make sets literally all the time but when it comes to making yourself a new one you have no idea what you want to make skfj

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      *cough* gift set if u want *cough*

    3. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      I feel this on a spiritual level, Hannah

    4. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      i'm SO glad i'm not the only one omg forever just making stuff for everyone but myself  - also bex i would die for you pls feel free to make me something ❤️ 

  9. hi cutie!! welcome to tda ❤️ if you have any questions or want someone to chat my inbox is always open and I hope we get to see your graphics around here soon too!!!! ❤️
  10. Legitimately NEVER thought I would see a year where I was artist of the year so that’s such a huge shock and I’m really excited about that! Thank you so much for all the votes!!!! 💕💕💕💕 Congratulations everyone else all of these are super well deserved!!!!!
  11. congrats! super well deserved ❤️
  12. BUMP. CK is nearing it's fourth birthday! Come check us out, meet our friendly members and check out all the fun things happening in the next year!
  13. MIA YOUR GALLERY IS SO PRETTY I can't believe you were so worried about making stuff when you're already so good ❤️ This+ is definitely my favourite thing in your gallery, I love that it looks so soft and airy and sparkly but also kind of angsty and I really can't wait to see you develop that sort of style! I also really adore the banner, it's so well cut and the mono looks SO good ❤️ I definitely can't wait to see what more you do!!! And I'm definitely going to be back to lurk ❤️
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