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    i am pure taylor swift trash tbh
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  1. congrats everyone!!! And thank you sm I genuinely didn’t expect to get one this year I’m so happy ❤️
  2. mafeeeeeee you're too cute thank you for the squees ❤️ also those wonderland headers are stunning!
  3. henlo mafee so this is my first real graphic w/ my new laptop i'm still getting used to it being a bit different so if anything looks off to you pls lmk i'll be super happy to change it ❤️ otherwise u can just credit to rosemary!
  4. Hi liv!! I'm hannah, I recognise you from pw I play rosemary pierce and violet dodge over there ^_^ I really love the sig you have it's absolutely gorgeous and I love amy ❤️ I'd definitely love to see more of your graphics and my inbox is always open if you want a chat, or the same goes on pw!! ❤️
  5. BUMP. We're officially four years old! Celebrations are incoming,a new round of awards and a few other surprises! We have friendly, dedicated, members, plenty of wanteds and lots of room for new people! Come check us out any time!
  6. hey scott! I totally remember you and your graphics, (I doubt you'd remember me at all 2014 was near the end of my own hiatus 😛) but I'm hannah! I'm really excited to see you back on the board and I can't wait to lurk any new graphics ❤️
  7. Thank you sm for the squee angel!! And congrats on your FA 💕

    1. Kirjava


      You are most welcome! That animation looks incredible on your sig comp 😍😍 and thank you so much! ❤️

  8. congrats shona!! so well deserved ❤️
  9. tfw you make sets literally all the time but when it comes to making yourself a new one you have no idea what you want to make skfj

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    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      *cough* gift set if u want *cough*

    3. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      I feel this on a spiritual level, Hannah

    4. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      i'm SO glad i'm not the only one omg forever just making stuff for everyone but myself  - also bex i would die for you pls feel free to make me something ❤️ 

  10. hi cutie!! welcome to tda ❤️ if you have any questions or want someone to chat my inbox is always open and I hope we get to see your graphics around here soon too!!!! ❤️
  11. Legitimately NEVER thought I would see a year where I was artist of the year so that’s such a huge shock and I’m really excited about that! Thank you so much for all the votes!!!! 💕💕💕💕 Congratulations everyone else all of these are super well deserved!!!!!
  12. congrats! super well deserved ❤️
  13. BUMP. CK is nearing it's fourth birthday! Come check us out, meet our friendly members and check out all the fun things happening in the next year!
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