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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU <3 http://i.imgur.com/fsfpt6t.png

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      oh gosh i'm so late on this but


      and i wish the same to you!

  2. Ashy thank you so much, that means a lot!
  3. gah, thanks for the gallery comment! your gallery is one of my favs :)

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      jeez louise how did I not see this earlier?

      thank you so much!

  4. hyperbright please, one could not get tired of hearing any sort of compliment! ack, thank you sososo much!
  5. jbdemi7 thank you so much! and thanks for stopping by as well!
  6. charlottetrips oh gosh, wow, thank you so much! that means a lot and being an inspiration is like mindblowingly intimidating so thanks!
  7. ahhh, when did I get all these comments, whut? thank you so much to everyone! (it was a huge surprise for me to get promoted to Staff, I was so sure I wasn't!) and especially for the lovely presents that I will add presently because wow, I suck at keeping up with the kardashians my gallery!
  8. meep, thanks so much for the squee, doll!! also congrats on the promo! i knew you'd get to staff soon :')

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      ahh no problem!

      and thank you!

  9. lazy bones psh, no problem I love a lot of your work! Icons are definitely a trouble area of mine, as is blends, which are very scary. but like you said, they're probably not as scary as I make them out to seem. it's just all that big, wide empty space that frightens me. thank you so much for stopping by! Gia thank you so much! and congratulations to you as well! adorkable thank you so much! and ahh, community feels, love that show, thank you! thalia. HIIIIII, yay congrats to you as well! and I could say the same for you, duhh! thanks for stopping by! Marzipan that
  10. I loveee that Marina sig and those icons as wellll.

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      thank you so much, Daryl!

  11. procrastination is guilty for the murder of my grades.

  12. awww, thank you for the squee, lovely! <3 much appreciated (:

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      absoltutely, it's a really beautiful graphic, it deserves to be squeed!

    2. atlas.


      awww, that's really sweet of you to say <333 I'm super rusty, haha, so it really was very nice of you (:

  13. @anyroad I think that's probably it, I don't think about my style so often so you're probably right, it'll just come about most likely in time. very true about textures, they're kind of my favourite thing. oh yes, I love photoshoots where something is you know, like "going on", where it's a cool position or something different about it. we're very alike in that sense, aren't we? yay for artistic stufffffff. my iPod consist of 60% just Beatles and the rest just a bunch of other stuff from other artists. I'm a John fan myself, but I love them all (just not quite equally, aha)
  14. @anyroad dropping by my measly gallery a lot? um, consider me flattered. thank you! I wasn't even aware I had any sort of style, which is a major weakness of mine, I think. omg yay a Paul McCartney fan! I'm a Beatles fan in general, but yes. thank you so much for commenting!
  15. mmm, your sigs are stunning! i love the style you've developed in those :3

    1. à nos étoiles

      à nos étoiles

      oh wow, how did I not see this till now?!

      thank you sosososososo much!

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