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  1. Hi! I'm Lacey. I was a senior artist in 2014 and then disappeared. I'm still getting back into GIMP, so my gallery is small, but I hope y'all like it! signatures chapter images banners credits + click here!
  2. Hey Daisy! (: You left such a sweet comment on my gallery and I decided to visit yours. I love what you have here. <3 You have some really great pieces and I love your coloring. My favorite pieces are your Doctor Who icon set and +this banner. Those icons are just I love those action cuts because they're just so interesting to the eye. The banner is all-around wonderful. That coloring is perfection, I love the text, which gives a great focal point, and the comp is awesome. I really like your Beauty and the Beast blend. Again, you do coloring wonderfully. It's soft, but also fierce. I'd watch out for some blending around her though. Take a really small brush and get up in there or, in this case when your piece is predominately dark/one color, burn the whiter part and it'll seamlessly fit into the background. Other than that, dude, you're got a really rocking gallery and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  3. Here they are! Hope you like them, but feel free to ask for changes and such. Otherwise, just rehost credit to vulpine @TDA. (:
  4. Name change day!!! I've waited for you for so long,

  5. Present Name: nevershoutLACEY Desired Name: vulpine. Also Change Login Name?: Yes Previous Name Changes: None
  6. Thank you so much for the promotion! I can't even breathe. What is air?!

    1. persephone.


      Honey, we all knew it was gonna happen...;) I think we need some matching sets, and I know the perfect new junior to make them (not so new anymore but you know) XD (in case you couldn't tell, I meant you.) xx, Zi

  7. Lacey! My wonderful twinnie! Happy Holidays & A Fabulous New Year! ---> http://i.imgur.com/HMfkUnN.png

    1. vulpine.


      Ziiiiiiiii!! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays twinnie! (:

  8. I feel like such a dork. Fell for the April Fools prank. xD

  9. The only good thing about being sick is more time to work on graphics.

  10. I just put the wrong URL for my Your Best Work. >.> Sigh.

  11. hiii! i decided to come over ~rolls

    1. vulpine.


      -poofs in extremely late xD- Hello!<3

    2. bonkers&co


      *jumps in* hiiiii!!! no worries lol

  12. Hi Lacey, I'm Val. Just wanted to tell you your signature is really lovely. :)

  13. Hey! I'm Sophie. Ahh, I like the sound of you. Unicorns rock, and so does laughing/making people laugh. :P

  14. Hey there Lacey, my name is Kim! I saw you roleplay and I wondered what kind. Canon, OC, magic, etc? I just saw your profile & thought it might be nice to leave a comment ;D xxx

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