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  1. CONGRATS gemma!!! <3333. You really deserved this
  2. Congrats everyone!!! The awards are AMAZING!! Love them! <3333.
  3. Caustic!! How are you??? Remember me?

  4. Awesome news!! Congrats to TDA and everyone who puts in their time to make this site great!
  5. Jordan! Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a super awesome day!

  6. The textless? I'm still unsure about it. I might do though; it's different for me. ^^

  7. Love your latest chapter image!! I think you should put that one in YBW <3333

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you color. Every graphic stands out and is beautiful!! And your composition is incredible. You have an amazing gallery and now I am ashamed that I haven't commented here before. Anyways, I shall definitely be back and I will be stalking This is a uber!awesome gallery!!!
  9. I know! It is awesome the board is active practically all the time. I love it! I'm on PST time so you will see me on later than others <3

  10. Here I thought I was the only member online at almot 8am....but then I saw that there are many others this time. TDA never seem quiet and I love it:D

  11. Congrats everyone and good work all!! Another awesome issue! <3
  12. thank you!!!! and congrats on your promo as well!

  13. Thank you!!! I was not expecting it at all. You are awesome jordan!

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