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  1. SM ok. [img=https://i.imgur.com/82YKQaJ.png]
  2. Challenge Issued By: ailhsa (on behalf of the staff mods) Challenge Title: The 'I Will Go Down With This Ship' Challenge Image Size: 1 banner [700x100 or 700x150] and 1 chapter image [380x300 or 300x300] Text: see below Specific Images: Up to Artist Mood: Up to Artist Animation? Up to artist Other Information: Who makes up your ultimate OTP? Which pair of fictional individuals make your heart ache when you think of them? Make a story set with your OTP. Must include their names somewhere on the graphic. Other text is up to you. Your characters are not limited to those from television or film. Make it interesting. Think of a scene that you loved with them, you can depict it here - quotes from actual scene are optional. If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge ends: 2nd February 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here] OR [img=image url here]
  3. It doesn’t matter which thread. Those posts were after either refreshing the page, or restarting the computer. It occurred even with a PM.
  4. That moment when you miss your own extended challenge deadline because you fell asleep. 

    1. hamylton.


      I once made a colourisation in 30 minutes so that I didn't miss one of mine :P

  5. Challenge Issued By: miss atomic bomb Challenge Title: The Ultimate Challenge Archive Challenge Image Size: 6-12 graphics Text on image? see below Images: see below Mood: see below Animation Yes/No: no Other: We've all missed deadlines for challenges we've wanted to enter, right? Now's your chance. For this UC, you'll pick either one ultimate challenge you've missed out on in the past and complete an entry for that challenge, or you may pick a few general challenges and complete graphics for those. Follow the guidelines for graphic types from the original challenges, and please include which challenges you're doing! Challenge ends: January 31st, 2020 Do not post until you have a partial entry - we'll just delete your post. And, don't forget your thumbnail codes: [url=link to entry here][img=link to thumbnail here][/url] Thumbnails should be no larger than 250x400 or 400x250. Entries that do not include a thumbnail or with an incorrectly sized thumbnail will be disqualified.
  6. When you're supposed to be making something monochrome and you get carried away and now it's in colour 🤷‍♀️

    1. wanderedaway


      Me, but when I over saturate the colours, lol. :headdesk:

  7. Hi Olivia! Welcome to TDA! I'm glad you made an account. Feel free to have a look around. If you're interested, there are some challenges up. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM. I'm Lia btw :)
  8. Hi Everyone! Since there aren't many suggestions from members for possible UC ideas, we've decided to post the challenge each month ourselves from a list we've made. Should any member wish to pick a theme/topic for the month, you can use 20 vault points. As long as you make your purchase in the vault, you can post your idea in this thread. Please note that this on a first come, first serve basis and only one person can choose a topic for the month. What happens if there's more than one submission? Your idea will be used the following month. Remember to look through the Ultimate Challenge Archive to see what was used before. When posting, remember your format: We've already chosen the theme for January's UC. Look out for that in a few days! We hope to see you all in the new year Thank you! - The Moderating Team
  9. You are an icon queen! All your icons are stunning! Teach me things!

    1. rewritethefinallines


      omg thank you!!! i love icons haha 

  10. Join the Shared Resource Challenge! Closing 13th December. Likely to be extended. 

  11. Hello, just a question. I seem to get a 404 error page if I try to post a reply, or happen to click on a thread link in different parts of the boards. I thought initially it was just the skin I used (winter theme 2018) but it happens with the default as well. I was using Chrome for Mac (OS Catalina 10.15)
  12. I really need to make things again :/

    1. wanderedaway


      Me, too! Let's do some challenges!

    2. rewritethefinallines
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