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  1. Join the Shared Resource Challenge! Closing 13th December. Likely to be extended. 

  2. In. [img=https://i.imgur.com/xmi7Ny5.png] for the next person: +Heaven to Earth Textures by innocentLexy
  3. Hello, just a question. I seem to get a 404 error page if I try to post a reply, or happen to click on a thread link in different parts of the boards. I thought initially it was just the skin I used (winter theme 2018) but it happens with the default as well. I was using Chrome for Mac (OS Catalina 10.15)
  4. I really need to make things again :/

    1. XxTheAvengerXxX


      Me, too! Let's do some challenges!

    2. !lifeisasong


      I'll join you!

  5. Popping in to say congratulations on your promotion! It is well deserved!
  6. OMG, how do you graphic? How is everyone's skin so flawless? Please tell me your secrets! I meant to come in here to congratulate you on your promotion. Everything in here is so pretty! I adore your banners - ALL of them. ALL. +this is my favourite. I can't wait to see you spread your graphics wings to try something new. No doubt the quality will be as superb as these :) My sole critique though, is having a texture over the face of the model in your current sig. I envy the font use/style in it though, I find that difficult to do. Congratulations again! Lia
  7. Hi there, Emily! Congratulations on your promotion! I really really really love your sigs. I think they are a serious strength, especially with the addition of animation and gifs :) One thing I would suggest is experimenting with other types of fonts which would add more dynamics to your graphics. have a great weekend! Lia
  8. Hello! Popping in to say congratulations on your promotion! I love the lightness of your graphics, and they're so soft and relaxing. I especially love your icons. The colouring is beautiful with great focal point. Also, extra brownie points for stock usage. We are a lost art form. I also very much love +this sig Looking forward to see what else you make. Lia :)
  9. Congratulations to you all!
  10. Dying at the fun facts! Awesome issue, guys! I’m so sorry I had to kill you, @hamylton., but your colourisations are spectacular and I really don’t know how to do them.
  11. I feel like starbuck. had too much to lose by being the murderer. Looks like me and you Gaby
  12. It's me, I'm convinced. I sound too bitter 😂 Great job, all.
  13. Hi Nicole, Welcome to TDA! OMG Charmed, I loved Charmed. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were two of my favourite shows. Who are your favourite characters? For me Elijah continues to be everything! We have some RPG forums in the Advertising section, and you can discuss your shows in our TV Show section. Do you make graphics as well? How did you find us? Feel free to look around, we have some gems in here that need love. You can PM me or any of the other section mods/mods for any other questions or if you just want to say hi! Lia
  14. how do you create a copy of your layers without merging them? For Mac users. Ctrl+shift+E doesn't work.

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