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  1. I feel like starbuck. had too much to lose by being the murderer. Looks like me and you Gaby
  2. It's me, I'm convinced. I sound too bitter 😂 Great job, all.
  3. Hi Nicole, Welcome to TDA! OMG Charmed, I loved Charmed. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were two of my favourite shows. Who are your favourite characters? For me Elijah continues to be everything! We have some RPG forums in the Advertising section, and you can discuss your shows in our TV Show section. Do you make graphics as well? How did you find us? Feel free to look around, we have some gems in here that need love. You can PM me or any of the other section mods/mods for any other questions or if you just want to say hi! Lia
  4. how do you create a copy of your layers without merging them? For Mac users. Ctrl+shift+E doesn't work.

  5. Hey all, Earlier this year the staff got together to discuss what we could do to help with any new artists to graphic making, and we decided on creating basic tutorials for you all. Consider it a “Beginners’ Package” of sorts, to help you find your way around your programmers and start to get images on your canvas! We have a list of tutorials made by staff and artists for your perusal. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. If anyone has a topic they think will be helpful, and would like do write it, please PM me (ailhsa). These are the tutorials that have been written and posted thus far: Focal Point: Jade Style! by snicket! Hard Cutting - 3 Basic Methods by choobacca Fantastic Fonts and How to Use Them by softbun Shan's Guide to Blend Modes by abhainn how to gallery: cat's guide to putting together a gallery of diverse graphics by miss atomic bomb  Good luck! - The TDA Staff 💞
  6. ❤️

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    2. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      Hey beautiful! Happy to be back? 😊😊

    3. ailhsa


      Absolutely! (As much as work permits anyway :) ). I can see you are though 😛 

    4. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      I'm overly happy,  I don't need to go Crazy anymore, 😂 but I have just recently got a job too so I'm a time restriction now as well 😞

  7. Congrats! :loves: :loves:
  8. No changes needed, this is really good. You worked hard on this one, Karni, and it's beautiful. Thank you so much! <3
  9. Hello, is this alright? I didn't have enough room to fit in your name if this is alright, rehost and credit. If it isn't want you were looking for, feel free to reopen
  10. Just letting you all know, I will start this properly after Thursday. I've had a tonne of classes to prep for. Graduate level education is not fun.
  11. Hey, I like the first and the last one.You are a blending queen, how could I even? The placement is fine as its a love triangle of sorts. I dont like the photo of Kate Walsh though. Can you find one where she looks a bit more serious? Thank you. (Also where did you find photos of her?)
  12. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was great!
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