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  1. After not doing a blend for A YEAR, she said! @hamylton. Not only can she bake, she blends. (I'll stop, now I promise)
  2. Hey! Don't forget to post your thumbnail in your UC post!

    1. felis catus

      felis catus

      thanks for letting me know :) it was already in the code, but i've added it in to the main post now, too 😊

  3. Hey Gaby! Thank you for your critique. I do have questions. And there are some links that weren’t working. Will send them when I am not on my phone. 

    1. bewitching.


      Send them via PM and I'll look into them for you.

    2. bewitching.


      They should work now. Sorry my mistake. I guess I skipped over them when editing my post.

  4. Great issue, team!
  5. Hi! Is this still needed? If so you can PM Jade (I did so earlier). There might be some issues with contacting people at this time. If so, you can request a brand new banner in our request forms
  6. Congrats on your new rank. Totally deserved. Enjoy!

    1. ailhsa


      Sorry this is so late, but thanks very much 😊

  7. @KaYLO REN @JadedWraith @Photoshopfreak @matcha @suga. @beyond the rain @jellybean jones @miss atomic bomb @Whimsical @aurevoir @valentine~ @wildest dreams.
  8. Chelsey this is gorgeous! I love the colours! 🥰 Will rehost/upload/credit when I get to my laptop!
  9. Link to place to be used: +TDA Link to screencap: (if not publicly viewable) n/a Text to include on graphic: In Bloom Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images) Tessa Thompson, anything else is up to youl Dimensions: sig - 500x200 | av - 150/150 Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.) bright, flowery (but not too flowery), good vibes only kinda thing
  10. Loving your UC entries, especially #3

    1. wanderedaway


      Awww, thank you!!! And thank you for pushing me to do the challenge. I have been lacking motivation for awhile now, so it's been nice having that push to keep at it. I love all of your entries and I envy how quickly you have been able to make them. I'm lucky to make one thing in just a week.

    2. ailhsa


      Thank you too! 💓 That’s what we’re here for, to help you to be your best! And honestly, I don’t know how I did it. I usually can’t finish a UC, or it takes me forever to do much of any graphics at all. 

  11. @hamylton. - I just about flipped out when I saw this. This is AH-MA-ZING! How did you colour this, Amy? HOowwwww? @Whimsical - Chelsey came back and has been slaying us ever since. And how the hell did I *just* see your DA Digest header!?!?!? Teach me your ways, wise one.
  12. Hi there, Jane :) I'm Lia, one of the staff mods here. Welcome to TDA! We're happy to have you. I started off like you, just lurking and requesting graphics only, but we have a few challenges open, and we also have some tutorials for you to try. There's a list of beginners' tutorials +here that you can have a look at, just to get the basics. You're free to PM a staffer or one of our friendly members above to ask a question. :)
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