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  1. Ohhh they are beautiful!!! I prefer the 'white walls' blend!! But they're so god damn stunning!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :) :) :) :)
  2. Hi thanks heaps! Well I want like a piece of art kinda. But I love your gallery, especially how it's topazed :-) I also would like it to represent a certain emotion. I want that to be expressed by an array of images, objects and person. I think thats all I can think of.
  3. Yes it still is needed :-) No, not just yet. Good things come to those who wait.... hopefully :-P thank you for asking.
  4. I am so sorry for the late reply! The piece is just beautiful but unfortunately not quite what I am after, I am very very sorry!!
  5. Yeah okay :-) can it be moved to general requests first? And see how that goes. Thank you!
  6. Yes. Sorry for all the inconveniences of this request, including it's size. Hopefully someone will be able to fill it(fingers crossed) thanks for all your help though Golden.
  7. Okay so I'm not entirely sure this is allowed, I apologise profusely if it's not. But I really want a large beautiful blend which I can print onto a canvas to hang up in my bedroom. And as I'm not the best at Graphic Design I was hoping someone here could give it a shot. Size: 35x24" Images: I would like a blend of images but mostly this is just a space where you can be creative. If you chose to put an image of a person can I ask that they are not recognizable (ie. celebrity or icon) they can be a model. On people I do like turquoising. But like I said people aren't a must Text: Doesn't necessarily need text but it can if you'd like it too. Colour Preferences: I would like it to be colourful as my room is. They can be bright or pastel, whatever works. Preferred Mood: Loud, exciting, I want this to be an eye catcher Link to Place to be Used: well no links but my actual bedroom. When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): Never, ever ever. Additional Information: I want this to brighten up my room and make it look all happy like, as most of my room is very plain. Thanks x
  8. yeah i know it's been ages!! Actually it's summer over here, it's been pretty busy over here too. how have u been? i've been good, thanx. :D

  9. Oh gawd I haven't been here in hundreds of years, Maddy! My life has been kind of hectic and ugh x_x How are you doing though? Had a nice summer? ^^

  10. No most people in Australia don't say 'G'day' it's uaually old people or bogans and we especally hate it when other people from other Countries say it. It's like how you don't like to be asked if you own sheep. But I can tell you I say 'mate' a lot. eg. How are you goin' mate.

  11. youre welcome and yayy an australian! XD :o you dont say g'day mate. You know thats blasphemy for an australian! :P

  12. Thank you so much the banner. it is just perfect and spectacular in everyway possible! And I happen to know excatally where New Zealand is..right next door to Australia which is where I live :D

  13. Hey, hey welcome to TDA! Just wondering what you needed help with. :D

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