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  1. Happy birthday! I hope it's lovely, dear, and that you're doing well.

  2. happy birthday! ^_^

  3. Why thank you! haha I needed to change the title and my friend was singing the song earlier, so yeah, haha.

  4. hey bff, best gallery title EVER.

  5. We just have amazing taste in general. Isnt he? Movies just need to keep casting gorgeous men like them and I'll see just about anything they're in.

  6. we have the exact same taste in men! because henry cavill is bangin. and i was not aware he's in the new superman movie, now thats on my must see list! (:

  7. Well, they cast him for the new spiderman movie. I'm not a huge spiderman fan, but I'm going to see it because of him. Just like I'm going to see the new superman movie because of Henry Cavill.

  8. I love Andrew Garfield! I saw him in Dr. Parnassus's Imaginarium and like fell in love. Isn't he supposed to play one of the superheroes in the Avengers???

  9. That's not too bad for you. He's eleven years older than I. I'm really in love with Andrew Garfield right now, too, and he's nine years older. So lame, seriously.

  10. Lol! He's only like 8 years older than me! I can totally deal with, age is just a number xD

  11. It really is. I love him so much and it's just crazy. If only he wasn't so much older than I. Why were there so many gorgeous older men?

  12. Um JGL is gorgeous, plus he's a super awesome actor. It's obnoxious how perfect he is. :0

  13. Just wanted to thank you for the compliment on my icons. JGL is so perfect. It's not fair at all.

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