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  1. miss you :( and you should be married by now?? so congratulations, bb!!!

  2. Shels, next time please wait until a request has been checked and opened by mods before snagging it
  3. Hi there, I've had to remove your link as Listal is not a reliable source of images with appropriate copyright. However, I'm going to open this anyway as you've provided enough info for the artist who fills this to go on, however, do feel free to edit in any other images you'd like so long as they are in line with our copyright rules.
  4. We require both a screencapture and link to your profile, so please edit in the missing information. Once you do, I can open this for you
  5. Hi there! I think you've accidentally copied in the wrong links for your screenshot and profile link (they both seem to somehow link back to this request?). Could you please fix them up and let me know - then I'd be happy to open this for you
  6. We require both a screencapture and link to your profile, so please edit in the missing information - after that I can open this for you
  7. ^Yup that 12+ rule applies for men, aka no shirtlessness
  8. ahhh okay I have no idea if this is what you were looking for, so feel free to ask for changes or to reopen :3 But if you do like it then just rehost and credit Mintleaf@TDA
  9. Hi there! I'm just wondering, were you meant to have two copies of the form in here? The second seems to lead to your story, so I'm guessing that its what you intended? Can you please edit out any extra information so I can open this up for you
  10. Before this request can be opened, you need to fill out the request form as per our rules. The form can be found [here]. Once you have edited your post with that full form filled out, I can open this up for you. Until then, this request is pending.
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