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  1. lord, i'm so so sorry for forgetting that???? i'm a mere fool, but here's the screencap with the credit!!
  2. It's been up for a few days but posting a screencap with it in use!! Thank you again; I love it
  3. I love it! Thank you so much!! With the new rules, do you need me to post a screencap of it in use?
  4. Size: 500x200; 150x150 Images: FC is Dorina Buranyi, hmu if you need help finding pics Text: Charlotte Hughes OR Lottie Hughes ; whatever fits best is okay with me Color Preferences: To fit mood Preferred Mood: Light/colorful is good! She's a happy-go-lucky 14 year old Link to Place to be Used: PW (profile // screencap) When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile (on any site): Never Additional information: I totally trust your judgement so have fun with it
  5. just bumping to say i'm still working on this! i should have it done tomorrow <3
  6. okay so, i tried doing smth a lil different and if you'd like changes just lmk +
  7. lol SO don't judge me for how fast i made this, but if it's too dark let me know and i'll redo it!! rehost/credit to sabrina abbott if you use <3
  8. + hopefully these are okay!! feel free to ask for changes, credit to sabrina abbott if you use~ (and hmu for a thread)
  9. feel free to ask for changes or rehost/credit to sabrina abbott! *image removed by staff*
  10. sorry this took so long! feel free to ask for changes or rehost/credit to sabrina abbott!!
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