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  1. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

    1. Nebula.


      HELLO!! how are youuuu?!?!


    2. Kirjava


      I is gooooood! How is you?!

    3. Nebula.


      i is also gooooood! :D

  2. want to get back into the swing of graphics and have noooo idea where to start lmao

    1. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      Your PYLC graphic was lovely!

  3. Thinking of maybe doing a vertical banner tutorial? <_< idk if it'd help/be useful lmao \o/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. choobacca


      yes please!!! every time i try to make one i quit because i just can't wrap my head around them.

    3. klutzy_kara


      yes omg! I don't understand them at all tbh hahah

    4. azimuth


      Yes please Brie!! :D

  4. meghan: awww you're so sweet, thank-you so much! i am doing more with animation recently so here's hoping i keep going with it! i'm getting slightly addicted. O<O thanks for the comment! <3 carla: omg *cries on you* staaaahp! THERE IS SO LITTLE BECAUSE I THREW EVERYTHING OUT. so that i force myself to make new things because i've been lagging sooooo much recently *cough* but omg you are precious thankyouuuu <3 ari: HAI THURRR. well i mean, that's a lot of crying. *wipes tears* stahp dat you are not allowed to cry on my pretty, sparkly new gallery :3 LUV YU <333
  5. hiya! I'm brie 24 y/o and have been making graphics for a lil while. might not update this very often but we shall see how it goes! s i g n a t u r e s b a n n e r s v e r t i c a l b a n n e r s ( click for full image ) b l e n d s / m a n i p s ( click for full image )
  6. you're like the sweetest person ever! <33 Thankyou for the lovely comment and the squee, especially since i'm a fan of *yours* :3

    1. Nebula.


      awww, that's alright! totally deserved them! :'D <3 and erguhoidgniodng thank-youuu! *screeches*

  7. i just wanted to pop by and say that i think your graphics are so inspirational and you're just an incredible artist! my heart melts every-time you make something :')) *is an embarrassing fangirl sorry*
  8. CRYING omfg downton i swear to god it broke my heart into a thousand pieces q_q but SEASON TWO GAHH <3 epic love for that season!

    1. legendson


      I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YE but I will D: I have heard terrible things. I died (hehehe) when I heard of the misfortune :P

    2. legendson
    3. Nebula.


      fuhdoinodnig you need to watch it! :OO but cry oh god misfortune indeed! e_e

  9. dude, your mary/matthew blend. fEELS. Makes me want to watch Downton Abbey S2..

  10. eee congrats prea! You'll make a wonderful mod <3 :')
  11. congrats! i'm sure you'll do a fab job n__n
  12. *beady eyes* text skills? what text skills? *more beady eyes*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nebula.


      error: magnificent text skills are nonexistent (except for vee, ofc)

      but.. fisty shakey q_q

      oooh footy shakey thats even cooler C:

    3. daredevil


      Oh STAHP it you :') my fists and feet are blushing :'3

      (and pleaSe. I'm made of cool$

    4. Nebula.


      *squishes* C: GOOD

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