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  1. Thank you so so much for the squee! :loves:

  2. here ya go! lmk if you need any changes or if it's not what you're looking for feel free to reopen :) (credit &thereshegoes @ tda if using)
  3. aslkdjalsda;lda GUYS WHEN DID I GET PROMOTED TO MASTER OMG ;________;

  4. Thank you for the squee!!!! 😭❤️

    1. &thereshegoes



  5. well then i was born crazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ seriously tho, i used to just stare at ur exo icon set and thought that maybe if i looked long enough i'd figure out how u made them :blegh:

    1. &themoon


      That is so sweet! Thank you! I wish I knew too like... I can't figure it out now like, trying to make other icons I'm like.... they will never be as good as that exo set. But also it's just a bunch of icon textures like there's nothing particularly special about them but? They just look good somehow? Anyway. Thank you so much again.

  6. Me? A favorite artist? You must be crazy! You are too sweet thank you omg

  7. @&themoon assdfksldkfk thank you it especially means a lot coming from you because ur like one of my fav artists here uwu. ty for stopping by ❤️
  8. @ beyond the rain: thank you!!!! this was a much needed crit/cleanout (im also sorry for replying to this so so soooo late ;-;) @ kirjava : asldjalsdjalsdkals, ty for stopping by uwu
  9. the comp on +this is so cool! keep up the good work (also your picspam is nice! i love me a good picspam...) -Sankavi
  10. hiya there, i love the variety of colours you've got going on in here! +THIS how do you use pastels and still make it look gloomy??? ALSO +this is probably my favourite piece in your gallery - Sankavi
  11. @ isabel: yes! i remember you! im like slowly getting back to being more active lol. and omg you're so lovely, ty <3 @haley: SUP DAWG now that i've made a new gallery, it's your turn and thank yooou <3 @spacebaby: omg thank you so much! and thanks for stopping by
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