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  1. RAMYA ❤

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    2. Ande



    3. seraphine.


      i'm good!! glad i still have 2 more weeks of winter break lmao how are you?

    4. Ande


      Lucky! I'm horribly bored at work currently but I'm good! I love that all the OGs are suddenly coming back lol.

  2. ramya!! omg it's been so long since i've been on here, and it's so great seeing your graphics asldkjgl. i'm not sure if you remember me hehe but i just wanted you to know that i am as in love with your graphics as i ever was <3

    1. seraphine.


      hi eva!! ofc i remember you, it's been so long omg thank you so much! that's so lovely to hear <33

    2. just.a.willow.tree


      i shall leave a very nice gallery comment for you sometime soon, after this week is over :P but seeing your graphics just hit me with a burst of nostalgia and love jsyk <3

    3. seraphine.


      ahh tysm for your lovely comment eva, i shall reply as soon as i'm not feeling lazy :P haha just being here again makes me feel so nostalgic; lovely to see some familiar usernames tho <3

  3. congrats, taylor!! well-deserved <3
  4. aasl;dkfj i remember our skype chat days and you were in like freshman year of high school and now you're in COLLEGE and omg time really flies

    1. seraphine.


      oh my god wendy!! ahh i remember the skype chat i miss it DD: do you remember the twerking goats and all that?? i can't believe it was that long ago! haha i used to feel so much younger than all of you and now i feel so old :(( it's nice to see people coming back tho

    2. avalanche


      oh my goat ;) i do remember the twerking goats and #TDAAfterDar, and all that! that chat was crazy lmao :"DDD and UGH same i joined tda when was in MIDDLE SCHOOL and now i'm halfway through college and ????? what is this

  5. please credit to seraphine. @ tda!
  6. happy birthday, kara!! hope you have a wonderful day <33
  7. ahh i'm speechless omg this is such an honor & means so much to me, thank you so much everyone!! <33 and that award is lovely
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