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  1. bewitching - Aw thank you Gaby, you're so sweet!! I was so glad to see you were still around when I came back! daredevil - VEE it's been forever, miss you and love you lots, I can't believe I missed you by a month
  2. Hi Meaghan, I'm Sheryl! Welcome to TDA, I'm excited to see you around!!
  3. Hi Hannah!! I remember you, welcome back! It's awesome to see you around again
  4. Karine, you've been such a huge presence on TDA in my time here, not only as an admin and mod but also just as a wonderful and super friendly person (and a crazy talented artist!! Honestly this kinda feels like the end of an era ) Thank you for all that you've done here!! I look forward to seeing you around TDA from time to time and wishing you nothing but the best in your day-to-day!
  5. hi, how is this? unfortunately I had some trouble with the pictures of Zoey Deutch that you wanted so I used a different one - but I can try again if you had your heart set on those ones! definitely feel free to ask for any other changes or reopen!!
  6. @KaYLO REN I'm in love with everything about this
  7. Hi Ally, I remember you!! Welcome back, it's so good to see you around again!
  8. omg PREA hi!!

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    2. stardusted*


      I just came back a while ago too, it's so good to see you here!! :loves:

    3. calico


      how are you doing?!?! 

    4. stardusted*


      I'm good!! Its (finally) starting to get warmer and sunnier where I am so I've been taking advantage of that! How are you?? 

  9. @beyond the rainI'm in LOVE with this composition and the golden, glowy colouring
  10. Hi Jordan!! I just wanted to drop by and express my absolute and complete love for your graphics. I've always thought of you as stock and soft shiny colouring queen - honestly I kinda drool over everything you make! You're such a huge inspiration (actually I think I have all your old stuff saved to my ancient inspo folder ), I'm always so in awe of how creative and effortlessly seamless your composition is too! I just love everything ahh
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