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  1. bewitching - Aw thank you Gaby, you're so sweet!! I was so glad to see you were still around when I came back! daredevil - VEE it's been forever, miss you and love you lots, I can't believe I missed you by a month
  2. Hi Meaghan, I'm Sheryl! Welcome to TDA, I'm excited to see you around!!
  3. Hi Hannah!! I remember you, welcome back! It's awesome to see you around again
  4. Karine, you've been such a huge presence on TDA in my time here, not only as an admin and mod but also just as a wonderful and super friendly person (and a crazy talented artist!! Honestly this kinda feels like the end of an era ) Thank you for all that you've done here!! I look forward to seeing you around TDA from time to time and wishing you nothing but the best in your day-to-day!
  5. Hi Ally, I remember you!! Welcome back, it's so good to see you around again!
  6. omg PREA hi!!

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    2. stardusted*


      I just came back a while ago too, it's so good to see you here!! :loves:

    3. calico


      how are you doing?!?! 

    4. stardusted*


      I'm good!! Its (finally) starting to get warmer and sunnier where I am so I've been taking advantage of that! How are you?? 

  7. Hi Jordan!! I just wanted to drop by and express my absolute and complete love for your graphics. I've always thought of you as stock and soft shiny colouring queen - honestly I kinda drool over everything you make! You're such a huge inspiration (actually I think I have all your old stuff saved to my ancient inspo folder ), I'm always so in awe of how creative and effortlessly seamless your composition is too! I just love everything ahh
  8. so sorry for how ridiculously late this is Rica - LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU rsg - Thank you so much!! steve harrington - Thank you! That honestly means so much to me, you're the sweetest! just.a.willow.tree - EVA MY LOVE I'm so so glad we happened to come back (from crazy long hiatuses) at the same time! You're the absolute most wonderful person, thank you so much for your kind words :loves:
  9. Hey Sheryl!

    1. stardusted*


      BEX HI!! How have you been? It's so great to still see you here!! :loves:

    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      I'm okay, I hope you're doing good! I've just come back after a very long hiatus - it's so nice to see you here too :loves:

    3. stardusted*


      yesss, I've just come back a few days ago too! Everything feels so new and different - it's exciting to be back!!

  10. EVA omg HI 

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    2. stardusted*


      hahah I just happened to visit on a whim a few days ago! but it's so good to see you here and still making gorgeous graphics ahh :loves:

    3. just.a.willow.tree


      I’m so happy to see you nonetheless! 😍 How are you doing? Will you be around more? 👀

    4. stardusted*


      I'm doing pretty well, how are you?? And hopefully! At least for a while - it's been so nostalgic creeping the forums again, and omg going back into my old stock/texture packs - a total blast from the past :silly:

  11. VANYA HI it has been SO long but I am so so glad you're still here and still making the most gorgeous art. i've always been in awe of how seamless and shiny your graphics are and that definitely hasn't changed. I came across my old inspiration folder the other day (it was the biggest throwback!!) and I think I stashed away your whole gallery in there but anyway, it made me want to come back and see if you were still around and I'm stoked that you are! your gallery is one of my favourite places on tda - you're amazing.
  12. VEE OMG HI

    1. daredevil


      SHERRYLLLL!! long time no chat ahh!! how are you doing? *glomp*

  13. hi rodrigo!! I just wanted to drop by and say how much I love your work! everything you make is so shiny and crisp and your colouring omg, so bright and bold and just fantastic!!
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