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  1. awee thanks!!! that made my day seeing that and congrats Suga!!🥰🥰🥰
  2. Audrey, Thanks so much for stopping by. Haha its been a while since I've really touched graphics so im getting back in the groove. Hopefully I can shift everything around in the coming months and get some new pieces in here. I really appreciate the feed back and the love! That made my day hun, thank you!!
  3. Hey guys, Cant believe this month will be 10 years here. haha been a long time. Been gone for a good 4 ish or more years, been a long while. But thought i'd pop back in and see how everyone was, i see ranks changed a little. Glad to see some faces still around and some new people as well. Glad to be back, and lurking. 🤣
  4. Elizaaaaaaaaa Its been forever! You might not still be active, but you have always been an inspiration to me in the graphics community. All of your work never ceases to amazing me, hope you've been well, and are still doing graphics design. Just had to stop by and give your gallery some love.
  5. Had to stop by Andrea and find your gallery. Its been quite a few years and still your work stuns me. Hope you've been well, its nice to see people still active from years ago. Amazing work as always. 🥰
  6. - Company Logo *click credits image* AWARDS: 2013: 2016:
  7. AHHH OMG DAYNA YOU'RE BACK!!! Welcome back doll! I'm going to leave you some bigbang congrats love! It has been a while (I just got back last month from a bit of a hiatus) so I'm so glad to see you back and making such beautiful graphics! I absolutely love your style (I always have), its so amazing to see how much you've grown and CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO!!! You so deserve it, and I'm so happy for you!!! Enjoy and rock the new color! I cant wait to see what amazing pretties you show us from now on, and of course I'll be back to oogle your graphics! So glad you're back! <3
  8. MY LOVE!

    1. ScareyKerri


      <3333 i hope you've been well doll! And you have so many pretties I get to oogle now that I'm back! zomg your style has grown so much i love it!!!

  9. Thank you for the little sticker and the squee, I appreciate it so much (oh and the colour and texture in your gd sig are so edgy and beautiful!)

    1. ScareyKerri


      Awe you are welcome!!! So happy you got promoted Hun!!! So well deserved! I loveee your style so much!


      And thank you so much!

    2. et cetera

      et cetera

      You are welcomeee :DD

  10. Congrats on your promo and new color!!!! I love your signatures to pieces, the compositions are so good! And those icons are adorable!!! I can not wait to see more from you and see you climbing the ranks!
  11. I have been a fan of yours for a while now (especially over at SP) and I am still in awe at your unique compositions and text. I can't get enough of your beautiful graphics and always look forward to you updating your gallery! You're style is so unique and I cant ever get enough of our vibrant and clear you're graphics are in both design and coloring. I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous graphics!
  12. Congrats on your promotion!!! I can't get over how unique your style is! I absolutely love everything in your gallery and how you play around with your compositions and colors! I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous graphics!!
  13. congrats on your promotion!!!! I love your gallery so much, your banners are so flawless, and your blends are beyond stunning! I'm om awe of everything, I absolutely love you're style!
  14. Can I just say how much I am in love with your BIGBANG graphics especially the GD Crooked one.

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    2. bewitching.


      Thanks. I love it so far. GD is my babe. He is just awesome.

    3. ScareyKerri


      hehe he is so amazing! Its hard to pick what I want to listen to when I get into a bigbang mood because I cant choose between GD's solo songs or GD&TOP or BigBang! So I just have to throw them all into a playlist and hit shuffle. Not to mention GD's MVs because he is so visually stunning and so different from what he portrays in videos and on stage. He's just a lovable dragon!

    4. bewitching.


      I'm slowly picking my way through their songs. I love Still Alive and Lies. GD is impressive on all levels.

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