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  1. thank you so much for the squee, vanya! ❤️

    1. azimuth


      No problem ❤️

  2. @sheepish. I just stumbled upon Hunter's gallery, and I am in absolute love with their soft and gorgeous style Also, some amazing icons- @finxter365 @floralprint
  3. I just looked through your gallery and my mouth dropped to the floor. I swear you are like the queen of AMAZINGLY, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL graphics. I'm in love! ❤

    1. azimuth


      Omg you're the sweetest ❤️ You made my day! Thank you so muchhh!!!!

  4. @choobacca @hamylton. This uc is playing havoc on my self esteem T____T
  5. Hi Mary ❤️ I recently visited your gallery and I came to leave a comment, because your stuff is mindblowing I absolutely adore your style- it's so different, and new and exciting and so creative, I'm just in awe here. Even your icons are so simple yet so stunning I wish I could make things like you do, honestly.
  6. ^^Those banners are gorgeous 😮 + bastille lyrics = ❤️
  7. (don't want to over-post in the squee thread)


    but thank you so much for the squee. ❤️:D

  8. @Symple Lish I love this so much ❤️
  9. Hi Desiree! Welcome to TDA! You have a really great start here- your signatures are so pretty! I love the soft pastel colouring of the second one :3 Also your vertical banner has amazing composition Hope to see more of your work!
  10. ^Thanks so much for the squee, Alison I bring some amazing signatures to squee~~ @sherlock @seabear @steve harrington
  11. So ngl, a few days ago I started making graphics for all the books I read last year too! Considering I read over 300, I'm not so sure I'm ready for this kind of commitment. 🤣

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    2. .amaris


      Aw thank you ❤️ ❤️

      Books and music are behind everything artsy for me lol. I'm weird and I don't really watch tv or movies

    3. azimuth


      300??? How are you even real?? lolol I'm having having difficulty imagining how I'm going to make 40 graphics XD (I would probably run out of inspiration at around the 5th graphic mark lol)

    4. .amaris


      Well I took a massive graphic hiatus so that didn't hurt even though Carla and I wrote a book in that timeframe 😂. I also have a lot of opportunity to read when my kids are at the park or clubs, etc and a massive tendency to read when they're asleep. lolol. I have absolutely ZERO chance of making it through the list, so why I even began to attempt it is beyond me. I hate me lol

  12. I like your new name :^)

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    2. Bespangled.


      Are you changing yours? ❤️ 

    3. azimuth


      Nah, I'm gonna remain azimuth till the day i die because i'm terrified of change lol

    4. Bespangled.


      I think I would miss Azimuth too much <333 

  13. thank you for the squee! you are too sweet. i love your header!

    1. azimuth


      Youre welcome :') And thank you <33

      Happy 2019!

  14. Thank you so much for the squee! ❤️ ❤️

  15. Yay!! Congratulations to all of youuu ❤️
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