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  1. sallyyyy i miss seeing you around tda

  2. Happy Easter, everyone ♡

  3. double regional champions - best day of the year so far ♡

  4. When it's 4am and you are already getting ready for regionals.. too early D:

    1. choobacca


      MERDE MERDE MERDE (not sure if that's what you say in germany as good luck for dancing, but it's what we say here :P )

    2. atë!


      Haha thanks, love! Finally back home how!! ♡

  5. Sally! Remember me? It's been way too long since I've been on tda, what are you up to lately and how are you doing? Also I still think of you as 'fayeswonderland' so I didn't even realize it was you in that pretty pink :P Name changes are always killing me, honestly :D

  6. when you try to write an application but have no clue what you're actually doing...

    1. choobacca


      D': because you're so burnt out on apps. or at least i am on job apps :P not sure if it's for a job or school but either way, i feel ya!!

    2. atë!


      trying to get into a study abroad programme and I feel like they want to know EVERYTHING about me :'D

  7. SALLY !!!!!!!!! how are u we havent talked in a million years this is wisty >D

    1. atë!



    2. shangri-la


      I DIDNT REALIZE IT WAS U EITHER !! i was talking to mafee and she mentioned u AND U JOINED PW????? aaaaa

      gr8!! procrastinating on life but what's new how are youuu? <3333

    3. atë!


      haha I diiiiiid!! I'm a wittle first year, you on pw as well??? LET'S BE FRIENDS! I'm feeling you. I'm the queen of procrastination. so glad the semester is pretty much over! I'm goood, dance is crazy and I'm rambling and we should definitely start a message thread!!

  8. lost in the world of pw #nerdproblems

  9. Hi Moonie! And welcome to TDA I am an oldie here (its been over 5 years now :o) and a fellow gimper! How do you like graphic making so far? If you have any questions about TDA or Gimp or anything really (if you just want to chat or so ) just send me a pm! I'm pretty much always online I love fictional novels as well. What's your favourite at the moment? -Sally
  10. thank you so much for the squee, my love <3 you're being way too kin to me, miss FA ;):hug:

    1. azimuth


      You deserve it :DDDD

  11. Vashti my twin <3 I haven't spread enough love in here yet so this is what this post is all about! Me spreading alllll my loving! It is just fantastic how much you improved and I can't tell you that enough! You're growing up to be a little queen of banners and your new icon set is just perfect. I adore how everything you make is so soft and whimsical and you blow my mind :yes: no kidding! I absolutely cannot wait for you to make more beauties so please don't make me wait too long You are such a great person and artist and I'm glad to be able to call you my friend Love, Sally
  12. lost.stars: Oh my, Curie! your comment made me smile so hard now my cheeks are hurting! NO LIE! Thanks for these kind words, you don't know how much they mean to me And I was thinking of making another tutorial so watch out for that wildest dreams: Aww Hannah! Don't make me cry! Your post is so lovely and I can't believe it took me so long to answer and I feel really bad about it :( I can only say the same to you though, your graphics have developed so much and we should create an army of gimp users who will eventually rule the world But really, thank you for your sweet words <
  13. Sally you lovely, gorgeous being. Your comment on my gallery made me smile so hard, tysm!! And that amazing gift (your drawings blow my mind) is so cute and pretty. Stay awesome <3 Mia x

    1. atë!


      aww I'm glad I could cast a smile on your face (you lovely, gorgeous being :P) - I'm really so excited that you've been promoted! *celebrates*

  14. Can't believe I'm actually studying. What has the world come to? :'D

    1. obscurus


      yess you go girl! Unfortunately my desk has collected dust from lack of studying...sigh ;_:

    2. atë!


      Aww I don't even have a real desk haha (mine is too tiny for anything) so I'm studying in the living room :D

  15. ^oh I love that! The colours are so beautiful it's really tiny but I hope it still counts :'D I didn't have that much time on my hands but I wanted to draw something so I drew a promo pressie And it definitely took me longer than I thought it would
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