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  1. trying to decide if I want to make a gallery have a go at this again.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kirjava


      ^ See now you have to! :D

    3. cheriechapstick


      I second that! There are so many helpful people if you start a gallery were always happy to help:)

    4. magnifique.


      lol oh my goodness :') you are too sweet. I had one awhile back, but life likes to get in the way. So we'll see! things are starting to smooth and become more regular, but I want to make sure that it's going to stay (mostly) that way

  2. Story (or Chapter) Title: 2. Ickle Dragon Spawn Link to your Story (or Chapter): click+ [t] Size of Graphic: 380 x 300 (regular CI size) Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: nope! Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: nope! Do You Have Permission to Change it?: n/a Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Susan Bones (Rosamund Pike): 1 2 (in this vein, but doesn't have to be these pictures) Other Images You Would Like: if you want to get extra, you could add a picture of a small/baby dragon but I'm not going say I need it because I know how hard that is to find/incorporate. Quotes to use on Graphic: "Ickle Dragon Spawn" & "he seemed captivated" Color Preferences: bright/earth tones Mood of Your Story: It's a humorous action/adventure, in this chapter Susan is watching baby dragons hatch for the first time and she's about to be gifted one of them to care for until it's strong enough to be on its own. Animation? If so, how? n/a Additional Information: I'm really not picky, use textures, stock, whatever feels right! Basically, I just want it to have a funny/playful vibe. Thank you
  3. so happy for the people who already got to see guardians 2 but mad as a hornet that I can't see it till this weekend at the earliest

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    2. magnifique.
    3. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      Ugh... it's so close, yet so far...

    4. oz.


      [evil european cackling]

  4. My baby over at PW is officially a first year (I love the way they're doing reggie weekend now) and I only have two more days of finals left! woohoo!

  5. It's so precious - it completely fits her vibe! thank you so much!!! <3 Rehosting & crediting ASAP
  6. I was hoping she would snag someone but thank you!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  7. Size: 500x200, 150x150, 100x100 Images: Daisy Ridley, maybe from this album, but preferably just something where she looks younger/carefree Text: Delanie McLoughlin (sig) Color Preferences: bright, sunny - she's a happy, goofy kid Preferred Mood: happy/goofy/excited Link to Place to be Used & Link to Screencap: my profile & screencap When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): never! She's brand-spankin' new! Additional Information: Delanie is a muggle-born so all of this is brand new to her, but she's embracing it with her characteristic curious/optimistic spirit and is very excited to get into things! I'm really hoping she gets into Gryffindor, but we'll just have to find out where she ends up
  8. Anxiously waiting for PW registration to open! :D

  9. I can't believe it's almost time to bring my new charrie on board!! and I still haven't managed to make a sig I like for them :|

    1. milominderbinder


      ooh, who's your character!

    2. magnifique.


      I want it to be a surprise! :D but I'll let you all know soon! (probably because I am definitely failing at making a first year sig for her)

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxed day!
  11. finals week is stress on stress on stress but I hope everyone is doing well!

    1. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      I hate that feeling! Good luck on all your exams. ♥

    2. magnifique.


      thank you! <3 two down, three to go lol

  12. Thank you Andrea! <3 it's good to see all of you too and I'm glad to be back!
  13. hey is there anyone around I could run a PW-related ? by? I'm not on board yet so I can't really ask a mod over there but it involves a thread idea I have for when I get on board again o.o

    1. awkward.


      I can probably help you ^_^

    2. magnifique.


      ahh! thank you! sending a message your way :)

  14. I have a work banquet that's decades themed so I'm dressed as 90s grunge and I can see some graphics being inspired by this aesthetic :'D

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