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  1. Here you go, I hope this is alright. Please ask if you'd like any other changes and adding your own sparkles is completely fine, sorry I wasn't able to do them for you.
  2. Here's a few different options as I had some difficulties I thought I'd let you decide, I hope they're not too bad. I had a little bit of trouble as it got a little crowded with all the things you wanted in so the focal point kept getting lost. And I don't really know how to do sparkles so I don't think they're magical enough really... If you want any changes, whether it's colouring/placement/etc, and no matter how small please ask And if this isn't what you were looking for feel free to reopen. These are the first things I've made in a couple of months and I'm very rusty so I could definitely understand why. But seen as you very kindly PM'd me I thought I should at least attempt it
  3. Hi Daisy, I thought because you left such a nice comment in my gallery I should repay it in yours I love your blends, they're so good. You manage to fill the whole page (something I struggle with) really well and your colouring's amazing. The only thing I have to say is maybe a little more inventive with text, your font range is really good but maybe try adding different effects like drop shadow, and tilting them more to make them stand out and look a little bit more interesting. Also your soft cuts are brilliant but maybe try using a hard cut (with the brush on something like 90% hardness normally works well for me) on a few people to create a little more diversity. Overall though your graphics are amazing and I'll definitely be back soon to see what you make next. Sarah
  4. You're only a member artist? Seriously?! You're amazing!! I love your work, especially your Sherlock blend. So simple yet amazing. Actually thinking about it I love most of your Sherlock graphic's. I really can't wait to see more of your work. Sarah
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