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  1. does anyone use their retina macbook on like,, the More Space display setting?? it looks nice but i cant tell if it'd **** me over with photoshop

  2. @concise 😭💕 i'm pretty sure i gave up my talent in anything graphics related, to get better at web design lmao
  3. I have watched the new Rammstein video like 50 times at this point, and I'm still not over everything that happens in it. 

  4. i ended my love with a semi-colon or wright gets into web design again and it was a mistake? so far only tumblr themes no these are not up for grabs to use, so please do not try to fix the preview code in a proper theme. all static previews are 1 page only and any links going away from the theme will likely not work . . . my people (2019) - bug fixing minimalist theme with square edges. complete overhaul of the way that i usually style posts. currently in use on my blogs. static preview |
  5. we need a bastille challenge to remember dan's glorious hair now lost

    1. choobacca


      what about a general tragic hair challenge :/

  6. me? spending 120€ on a far cry 5 edition that comes w statue?? naaaahh...

    1. oz.


      ((the statue is rlly pretty im crying))

  7. buying a mac with 1 usb-c port seems like a good idea until u have to charge it and it means u can't keep painting

  8. ^ pls stop w the talent thnx vee picked up my tablet again for the first time in over six months,,, im vaguely proud of my weird colouring skills. still mad this is painted in 72ppi and not 300 tho urgh
  9. i made a mistake in my fic formatting and now im just stuck. don't experiment guys.

    1. flyingdove


      lol, this made me laugh so much because i relate so much. I once tried to write a fic in first person (never having done it before) and literally chapter 4 my authors note was 'yeah guys, i gave up, i'm writing in third person from here on out'.

  10. me?? already missing the olympics??? yeah

    1. episkey.


      I always watch Ice Princess and Johnny Tsunami after the winter olympics so that I feel it hasn't ended lol

  11. anyone have discord??? wanna start a tda server :sean:

  12. my 500 episodes challenge is gonna turn into 'tv shows w danny pino' i dun have a problem i swear

    1. cheriechapstick


      Mine just reminds me how strange my taste in television varies makes me feel so called out! Lol

    2. choobacca


      mine is mostly reality tv and i feel like no one else on tda watches reality tv :||||

    3. oz.


      i just never include reality shows in the 500 ep thing?? im here for reality tv tho (no one can take say yes to the dress away from me)

  13. To anyone who has seen GOT and read ASOIAF: is it a bad idea to read the books after seeing the show?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. choobacca


      i read four of the books and didn't like them very much (but for some reason read 4???) and i agree with kris that the tv show seems like a kind of fanfic thing. it's weird to see all the violence acted out on screen, and a lot of the characters/things that happen are different. but i do think that going from show to books will be much less frustrating than books to show.

    3. oz.


      no more booli my trashy show loving ass pls lmao ,,, tbh i just wanna read the books bc i need more renly in my life im terrible like that ((lets hope i dun hate the show by the time the last season rolls about))

    4. starbuck.
  14. i finally started black mirror. god !! so good

    1. steve harrington

      steve harrington

      Nose Dive is still my fave!!

    2. choobacca


      i watched the first two episodes and the first one made me want to vomit and the second i thought was pretty cheap but i gotta give one more episode a try because i have a 3 episode rule...

    3. oz.


      the 2nd one is actually my fave so far omg. the 3rd i couldnt get into despite the premise being good >< ((the first is a bit over the top in reaching its point))

  15. Current Name: deuce Desired Name: oz. ((or if that's too short: ocean ooze)) Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): no pls Previous Name Changes: octoberseabreeze -> chupacabra -> herz&seele -> deuce
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