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  1. abhorsen.

    February YBW

    Please post all entries for this month's YBW in this thread; moderators will separate entries by rank in the polls. Remember to edit your posts to change your entry rather than posting again. You may post your Most Improved or Designer entries separately but you are not required to. Only a series of up to 50 icons is allowed. They must have an overarching theme and be cohesive. Graphics made using tutorials, psds, etc. cannot be entered as they are not entirely your own work. Canvases cannot be more than 1000x1000 - please use thumbnails if submitting a larger entry Your 'Most Improved' entry must be your YBW entry from last month and this month. Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here] OR [img]image url here[/url]
  2. Hey Branwen. :) Just wanted to let you know that you named the Founders Era Sig Challenge Poll as the The Book Jacket. 

    1. abhorsen.


      omg fail, thank you!

  3. Tysm for the squee! ❤️

    1. Kirjava


      You are absolutely most welcome! ❤️

  4. Thank you so much for the DMA nomination! ❤️

    1. abhorsen.


      It's super deserved! ❤️

  5. I've been a little busy this month with work and some health issues, but I just wanted to say thank you so, so much to everyone who's nominated me for the DMAs. ❤️ It's been really, really sweet and I appreciate it so much.

  6. abhorsen.

    General FAQ

    I love this, thank you so so much!
  7. abhorsen.

    TDA's Future - new domain, new server

    Thank you so much, Kristina (and Katlynn, Becca, Cat, and Karine)! If there's anything at all that I can do, please let me know.
  8. EDIT THIS THREAD AND USE THIS CODE TO PLACE NEW WINNERS: November November DA Digest December Pumpkins on Parade the horror challenge The Britney Spears Challenge a very challenging challenge The NEW DOMAIN Challenge December DA Digest the TDA winter header challenge [b]Challenge Name:[/b] [b]Issued By:[/b] [b]1st Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url] [b]2nd Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url] [b]3rd Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url] Challenge Name: November DA Digest Issued By: lucida. 1st Place: felis catus {entry} 2nd Place: GorJesSpazzer! {entry} 3rd Place: jellybean jones{entry} Challenge Name: Pumpkins on Parade Issued By: Amortentia1992 1st Place: felis catus {entry} 2nd Place: Amortentia1992 {entry} Challenge Name: The Horror Challenge Issued By: jellybean jones 1st Place: Amortentia1992 {entry} 2nd Place: jellybean jones {entry} Challenge Name: The Britney Spears Challenge Issued By: Lola. 1st Place: choobacca {entry} 2nd Place: Lola. {entry} Challenge Name: the horror challenge Issued By: jellybean jones 1st Place: felis catus {entry} 2nd Place: jellybean jones {entry} Challenge Name: a very challenging challenge Issued By: starbuck 1st Place: GorJesSpazzer! {entry} 2nd Place: rock&roll! {entry} 2nd Place: miss atomic bomb {entry} Challenge Name: The NEW DOMAIN Challenge Issued By: rock&roll! Header: 1st Place: galaxies {entry} | Lola. {entry} Rotator: 1st Place: Lola. {entry} 2nd Place: hamylton. {entry} Pips: 1st Place: hamylton. {entry} 2nd Place: galaxies {entry} 3rd place: Lola. {entry} Challenge Name: December DA Digest Issued By: hamylton. 1st Place: Kirjava {entry} 2nd Place: cheriechapstick {entry} 3rd Place: galaxies {entry} Challenge Name: the TDA winter header challenge Issued By: starbuck. 1st Place: choobacca {entry} 2nd Place: caribou {entry} 3rd Place: Amortentia1992 {entry} | choobacca {entry} Challenge Name: the classic spotify shuffle challenge Issued By: beyond the rain 1st Place: hecate {entry} 2nd Place: wildest dreams {entry} | choobacca {entry} 3rd Place: beyond the rain {entry}
  9. abhorsen.

    New Moderators!

    Welcome, guys!
  10. abhorsen.

    LGMS Coordinators Needed

    Hey, guys! We're about to start planning our next LGMS cycle, and we'd love to get additional people on board to help out. In general, LGMS coordinators need to be able to dedicate 3-5 hours a week when we're planning a new cycle, and 1-3 hours a week when a cycle is going on. Your duties include brainstorming new rounds, communicating with participants, checking entries, and making awards. If you're an artist of any rank who's been on the site for a year or a moderator, and you'd like to join the LGMS team, please fill out the below form and PM it to me (abhorsen.).
  11. abhorsen.

    hello! (again)

    Welcome back! I'm not sure what kind of design you've been doing, but we also have a designer rank now for people who focus on alt art - it might be something to check out, if you're interested!
  12. abhorsen.

    HPFF News

    @ StarTrekFan1980 - A lot of former HPFFers have also migrated to a site called HPFanficTalk, which has both a forum and a (multifandom) fanfiction archive. It's currently affiliated with TDA, and if you write fanfiction, I've found a stronger review culture there than there was at HPFF, especially after their previous owner took their forums down a couple years ago.
  13. abhorsen.

    14 Banners & 11 Chapter Images

    Tysm! Rehosted & credited. <3
  14. abhorsen.

    14 Banners & 11 Chapter Images

    Thank you! Graphic you would like to claim: 14 Your story title: wait out the night Link to your story: here Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? nope! Do you have permission to re-request? n/a Penname on graphic(yes/no): yes, please! Quote: none Requested Modifications (if any): none Thank you (again)!
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