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  1. Walking towards the hat I eye it warily, knowing fully well that for a hat to know my future it must be cunning beyond measure. I take a seat and watch as the hat is placed upon my head knowing it can see all of my thoughts. Glancing up at the brim tapering over my face i ask it in my head, "Are you really as smart as they say you are? If so I respect that. I do enjoy someone or something that can engage on an intellectual level. " Wherever it put me I knew I wanted to be where I could learn all I could about this world. So much knowledge at my fingertips in the castle I could not wait.
  2. Artist Name: Meghan Acknowledged Weak Points: text, composition Type of Critique Requested: clean-out, tips and tricks to improve Software: Photoshop CS6 Most Recent Gallery Update: 7/14/20 Gallery Link: [url=https://the-dark-arts.org/forums/index.php?/topic/100456-if-only-i-could-be-so-grossly-incandescent/]Gallery[/url] Requested Time Frame: take all the time you need
  3. Best digest I've ever read! This was so cute and funny ❤️
  4. okay so I know you didn't specify animation as a no or yes so I do have a non animated version if you'd prefer but I wanted to try something for you. Feel free to ask for changes and don't forget to credit if you like it ❤️
  5. I have it done but will post it after my sister's surgery ❤️ Sorry for the wait!
  6. just popping in to say I am still working on this. My fam is doing spring cleaning and I have been roped into it most of the week! Should have it done Sunday tho!
  7. how does one style? 🤔

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    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      ^ i would recognise both your styles anywhere 

    3. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      but Bex I don't know what makes my style 😞

    4. star crossed
  8. I am. RL stuff came up but I should have it done by tonight or tomorrow morning ^-^
  9. How's this for ya? If it works then pls rehost and credit Elijah Bray or doctor ziegler @tda
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