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  1. doctor ziegler

    [misc] the monochrome challenge

  2. Been playing Resident Evil 2 and Leon Kennedy is a baby and I need to protect him at all costs

  3. doctor ziegler

    Our echoes roll from soul to soul

    CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!!!! I am so proud of you and you deserve it ❤️
  4. let me know if you want changes otherwise credit doctor ziegler @tda ^-^ also PW on the new site allows for a bigger avv size but I can make a 100x100 version if you'd prefer the smaller size ❤️
  5. doctor ziegler

    efficiency is just clever laziness

    @bae aww thank you ❤️ You too have been massively improving and I adore watching your return ^-^ @Rodrigo aww thank you sweetie ❤️ I hope yours were happy too ❤️
  6. Thank you so much for my gift! It's amazing! ❤️

    1. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      Anytime sweetie ❤️

  7. doctor ziegler

    Our echoes roll from soul to soul

    MY BAE IS BACK MAKING GRAPHICS! ALL THE RT CONTENT IS LOVE! (you should totally make more stuff for Camp Camp I mean wut >__> ) Welcome back love ❤️
  8. here ya go! Just be sure to credit either Elijah Bray or doctor ziegler @tda
  9. Just letting you know I am still working on this. I'm on vacation starting tonight so I will hopefully have it finished by tomorrow morning <3
  10. doctor ziegler

    spark of madness

    ZOE YOU ARE BACK!!!!!! I missed your face and seeing your pretty graphics around here again. So happy you returned <3
  11. Let me know if you want changes otherwise credit either doctor ziegler @tda or Elijah Bray
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