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  1. I'd say the text is a bit hard to read. Perhaps a layer of white(use a fuzzy brush) underneath it on a lower opacity below the text would bring it out more. The coloring looks very good though.
  2. [img=https://i.imgur.com/fPMu1gu.png] sm is always okay ❤️
  3. Challenge Issued By: doctor ziegler Challenge Title: Spotify Shuffle Challenge Image Size: 1-3 500x200 signatures, 380x300 chapter images, 700x110 banners(you may mix and match) or a 1 800x600 blend Text: see below Specific Images: See below Mood: See below Animation? if you'd like go for it Other Information: I am a lover of music and I adore graphics using song lyrics. This challenge is simple. Comment that you are in and I will shuffle my songs and give you a song title you have to make a graphic around. Up to three songs can be requested. If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: August 22nd Songs for People Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney - Kirjava Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand - !lifeisasong Beast by Nico Vega & Arsonist's Lullaby by Hozier - miss atomic bomb My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean - choobacca Float On by Modest Mouse - northernstar Revolution by The Score & Wild Horses by Bishop Briggs - steve harrington crushcrushcrush by Paramore - jellybean jones Howlin' For You by The Black Keys - XxTheAvengerXxX King For A Day by Pierce The Veil & Kellin Quinn - star crossed Devil's Backbone by The Civil Wars - baekhyun!
  4. [img=https://i.imgur.com/Uz9C5Nf.png] social media is always okay ❤️
  5. I honestly think I'm only capable of blends and animation these days. I miss being decent at sigs ;-;

    1. XxTheAvengerXxX


      I think the best solution for bettering a graphic type is to just make a bunch of them. I went through phases where I would just make one kind of graphic and I noticed an improvement. You just have to spend a little more time on 'em is all.

      And animations are difficult for a lot of people-me included-and puts your graphics miles ahead of everyone else's. I love seeing animations in your graphics! <3 You always one up yourself every time I see a new animated graphic.

    2. XxTheAvengerXxX


      DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!!!! <3 <3 <3 Remember that!

    3. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      thanks a lot lovely ❤️ it means so much to hear that ❤️

  6. How's this for ya lovely? If you want changes let me know otherwise either credit doctor ziegler @tda or Elijah Bray
  7. Thank you so much for the tip on improving the text!! I did as you suggested and it looks much better! ❤️

    1. doctor ziegler

      doctor ziegler

      Happy to help ^-^ ❤️

  8. Let me know if you want changed otherwise you know the drill. Credit as doctor ziegler @tda
  9. Making two stock packs from screencaps and I forgot how long this takes me xD

  10. @&themoon this is so sweet of you ❤️ I am so glad you returned because I've always admired your stuff from afar. It means the world to hear praise from someone with your talent and I thank you so much ❤️
  11. Kinda wanna do a battle with someone but like finding someone to do it with...

  12. Aww thanks @Kirjava and @Lady Plantagenet for the squees! Means the world to me ❤️
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