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  1. Let me know if this is okay lovely otherwise rehost and credit to Peter Quill @tda or Elijah Bray
  2. I absolutely love the idea of the house cup related events. It would be the right atmosphere to keep with the original theme of TDA by paying homage as well as getting different ranks to mingle. (RAVENCLAW UNITE!) I would like to say I am sorry for my comments earlier if people felt they were too harsh as that was not my intent. Everyone reads into things differently than someone else. Just keep in mind that both sides do have points. But I do love the gifting ideas or the bowing down to another artist rank. We had a MA bow down challenge last year that was phenomenal to see higher ranks giving them some kind of nod for their hard work. I think another of those would help bridge the gap. Or maybe like what was discussed earlier with partner challenges. Maybe to encourage intermingling and more communal appreciation whenever we do partner challenges they cannot be a partner with someone of the same rank as you? The last partner challenge I did was with a staff artist and we had a blast working together. We have a lot to learn from each other no matter rank. If anything Molly and Maia's suggestions have all been so great and I second pretty much all of the ones they mentioned. Last but certainly not least Treacle Tart made a great suggestion about a beginner's guide to graphics area. Like maybe volunteer artists could run classes with sign-ups and they can have a specific skill they are trying to teach by giving little guides and "homework" for them to complete. I know other graphic sites do this and it gives a good sense of wanting to help others learn a skill that can be so valuable both for fun and for life. Having graphics program knowledge helps resumes a ton from my experience.
  3. No but the attitude you had towards others in this forum commenting their frustrations at the encouragement of the admins to give them critique and how we are too harsh to them because they run the show is incredibly rude. You basically told everyone who had commented they should suck it up and keep their opinions to themselves which is not okay. Sorry but when people are offended by how cavalier you are about devaluing their opinions yeah they are going to talk in a safe environment which when people mentioned that people were scared to comment for fear of staff or higher ranked people shutting them down completely you brushed it off like it was nothing. People will talk in a safe place and quite frankly many have resisted saying their opinion in this thread to keep out of the full blown discussion as long as possible. No I agreed to work on what made me happy and enjoy learning graphics. Sadly when the admins scold people for having lives, using popular resources(which tend to be universally easy to work with and look good in final canvases), and calling out specific artistic choices as taboo yeah they messed up. Fact is yes like you said they admitted they did but that by no means gives them an out. They are making an effort to hear people out but you seem to find it fine and dandy to say people's opinions don't matter and that admins are the only one's that do. Now that I got that out of the way I'm gonna focus on the topics at hand. Style by no means in my humble opinion is what makes a graphic. We focus far too much on it but I'm going to go with people above me who put the reasons why much more eloquently than I ever could. I'd also like to chime in that yes art is subjective. I will nail that point down hard till the bitter end. Sorry if it seems repetitive but that is something I feel is a big thing here in regards to how we treat lower ranks. Dayna and Edmund said things perfectly. When a person gets to the highest creative place they can reach they can have the tendency to get complacent. Not everyone does but some do. Just because you were promoted to staff way back when does not mean your graphics have stood the test of time nor that they are still on par with your rank. To be offended by that is quite sad cause like Dayna said you are in fact implying the lower ranks are no good. That our quality isn't good enough for you. I have seen time and time again the soap boxes staff artists get on whenever us lower ranks point out we are not valued or that we are not taken seriously. Well sad to say but we aren't. MA's have very little to do on this site except practice. Even their rank specific challenges are rather boring and very few enter them because of that. They can't fill requests(unless it has been untouched by the higher ranks), they can't go into gallery protection, they can't post challenges. Essentially they are like the ants of TDA, hard working but little recognition. Junior artists are the same. We get burned a lot lately as we are just slightly above quality in the MA but we really do not matter to some higher people. I love the idea of adding in applications for promos for all ranks. We ask MA's to do it why not everyone. Shows who has been working hard to improve and focuses on them. Not everyone wants promotion. Allow those who do to have more personal critique because they want to get promoted. They want to know what that requires while others quite frankly do not give a darn.
  4. Okay you first off saying that back in ye olde day that admins mattered is bull. Not all of us were here back when you were the just a wee little TDAer. Some of us have actually joined in recent years. I've been here four years myself. That does not mean my opinion matters less than yours oh wise and holy one. I have actually staffed sites before and trust me I know what goes into it. I know how hard it is to be a mediator with members but I also know I am not perfect. I own up to my actions. I do not expect special treatment in the long run. To quote you, "though i gotta say, the admins seem to be undermined a lot? they run the site. voice your opinions, but we gotta respect their decisions, whether we agree with them or not." Uh excuse me I don't have to respect anyone who treats me like second class garbage. To get respect one has to earn it. And after today my respect for the admins has dwindled to one and because that one admin has been trying to reach out to members personally to try and figure what could fix the issues we have on this site. She has gone above and beyond. She was the only one who truly seemed sincere from the get go about how things were worded. Art mind you is subjective. Admins just cause they have been here for ages doesn't mean they are the final opinion on what is considered good art. When art goes from being a hobby to a chore because you are constantly belittled about how you make your stuff there is a huge issue. But quite frankly your immaturity here is astoundingly high. Quite honestly all I can say is this. Get off your high horse and take a seat because quite frankly a number of people in private have been discussing how much you backpedaled this entire conversation solely on your own. GIVE IT UP!
  5. Okay I have kept quiet on this discussion long enough. A community takes more than admins. An admin messed up big time today. She admitted she did. There are a lot of people coming here to say they were insulted by it. Saying oh hey cause they do all this stuff for us makes them exempt from criticism is utter malarkey. No one is perfect but how their note was worded was very rude and standoffish. I think it says a lot when one admin has to reassure people that they will not be banned for having and expressing an opinion. People were scared to come forth and say their opinion. That speaks volumes on how much we feel threatened by the admins and how they silence us with harsh words that were overtly critical. Staff on any site should never instill fear into people. That isn't a communal site. It is a dictatorship. Admins can mess up. And today they did. Judging by the number of people I know who are mad I think this is a big issue. Please do not undermine us common folk by giving the admins a get out of jail free card because they are admins.
  6. I hope this works for you. Please let me know if changes are needed. If not rehost and credit Peter Quill @tda or Elijah Bray
  7. So these are a collection of Portal and Portal 2 icons I made awhile ago but as there is no separate video game section I shall put them here. Just let me know if you want to use them and I'll cut the ones you want out. Just rehost and credit afterwards. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Overwatch Bloodborne Persona 5 Rainbow Six: Siege Dark Souls Apex Legends
  8. Oh my goodness I forgot to put it up last night with the sig. This is why one should never post requests when half asleep >__< I'm so sorry
  9. I hope this works. I tried to do darker but it wasn't working for me. Feel free to reopen if it doesn't work otherwise rehost and credit Peter Quill @tda or Elijah Bray
  10. Forgot to post this before I went to bed last night but feel free to ask for changes otherwise rehost and credit as either Peter Quill @TDA or Elijah Bray
  11. So I tried the white wolf picture but while I used one for the sig it is inverted so it looks darker but in reality it's a white wolf? If you want changes let me know though.
  12. Still working on this mods <3 EDIT: Finished <3 Rehost and credit Peter Quill @tda
  13. CONGRATS GEORGIE!!! Well deserved <3
  14. Just take an arrow to the knee

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