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  1. So these are a collection of Portal and Portal 2 icons I made awhile ago but as there is no separate video game section I shall put them here. Just let me know if you want to use them and I'll cut the ones you want out. Just rehost and credit afterwards. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Overwatch Bloodborne Persona 5 Rainbow Six: Siege Dark Souls Apex Legends
  2. Oh my goodness I forgot to put it up last night with the sig. This is why one should never post requests when half asleep >__< I'm so sorry
  3. I hope this works. I tried to do darker but it wasn't working for me. Feel free to reopen if it doesn't work otherwise rehost and credit Peter Quill @tda or Elijah Bray
  4. Forgot to post this before I went to bed last night but feel free to ask for changes otherwise rehost and credit as either Peter Quill @TDA or Elijah Bray
  5. So I tried the white wolf picture but while I used one for the sig it is inverted so it looks darker but in reality it's a white wolf? If you want changes let me know though.
  6. Still working on this mods <3 EDIT: Finished <3 Rehost and credit Peter Quill @tda
  7. CONGRATS GEORGIE!!! Well deserved <3
  8. Just take an arrow to the knee

  9. This is absolutely perfect Zi! I love it so much. Rehosting and crediting now. Thanks a bunch <3
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