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  1. Darling, thank you very much for the gorgeous squee. You made me smile and blush and just dance in place rather awkwardly. :D Font name is LaDanse. I just found it installed on my PC. lol 

    1. wanderedaway


      You're welcome!!!! ❤️ That banner is so lovely, I couldn't not squee it! It would be a crime to not tell the world how gorgeous it is! ❤️❤️ And thank you! That font looks like a new favorite. :D 

  2. congrats. isabel. <3 well-deserved!
  3. Hi darling! Your I challenge thee, challenge can be not 100x100px? Also, can it be the same person but diff. photoshoots? :)

    1. bittersweetflames


      Sorry I'm incoherent. I meant can I make icons that are larger than 100x100px? XD

    2. lucida.


      Yes you can! To both of those <3

  4. I'm not letting go of this pink, I feel like.xD
  5. I admit that I am stupidly thrilled about the DMAs I won this year. (and a little shocked as well. low expectations, really) Thank you everyone. Also, congratulations everyone! Well-deserved awards all around !
  6. I was very sneaky picking this up. (i.e. I was on the train on the way to work. lols) Anyway, I went a little different this time. What do you think? + + (Sorry if I burned your retinas)
  7. how's this: + + Sorry for the long wait, btw. :( Hope this is fine though!
  8. Happy birthday Cassielamp!! (even though it's already too late in my part of the world.lols)
  9. I know I have been neglecting your questions in the Q&A thread D: I'll get to them soon, I promise! <3

    1. bittersweetflames


      it's ok, darling.xD I was insane in asking so many. To be fair, I was fueled to do this by Tomi Lee as well. lols

  10. u got me drooling all over ur pretties in pylc >:(

    1. bittersweetflames


      veee! thank you darling and thank you for the squee. <3 How are you, hun? :D

    2. daredevil


      you're welcome my love <3 I'm good!! on summer holidays at the moment so finally have time to try and come back to tda :P I can't believe you're still here!! you're an oldie :P

    3. bittersweetflames


      I just came back myself last October. Basically got dragged kicking and screaming back but am happy to do so.. Oooh, summer hols! That's fun!!! :D So glad to see you're back and I can see your pretties again. Just love your style so much. <3

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