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  1. Darling, thank you very much for the gorgeous squee. You made me smile and blush and just dance in place rather awkwardly. :D Font name is LaDanse. I just found it installed on my PC. lol 

    1. wanderedaway


      You're welcome!!!! ❤️ That banner is so lovely, I couldn't not squee it! It would be a crime to not tell the world how gorgeous it is! ❤️❤️ And thank you! That font looks like a new favorite. :D 

  2. Hi darling! Your I challenge thee, challenge can be not 100x100px? Also, can it be the same person but diff. photoshoots? :)

    1. bittersweetflames


      Sorry I'm incoherent. I meant can I make icons that are larger than 100x100px? XD

    2. lucida.


      Yes you can! To both of those <3

  3. I admit that I am stupidly thrilled about the DMAs I won this year. (and a little shocked as well. low expectations, really) Thank you everyone. Also, congratulations everyone! Well-deserved awards all around !
  4. OH HAI THERE, lovely. We are finally in the same neighborhood. JESUS, you don't know how happy I am right now. #uglysobbing. You deserve this so much. SO SO SO MUCH. I've seen your style grow and evolve and I know it will evolve and grow more. I see firsthand how HARD you work and for that alone I am so happy you've finally gotten it. ENJOY IT, DARLING!!!!
  5. Why are you so talented?!?! D=

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      Ahhhhh why are you so nice?!?!! <3333 I don’t think it’s talent, it’s just practice and lessons from TDA and all the gorgeous people here <3333

  6. Thank you for the squees, Isabel. <3

    1. esoteric.


      of course! you’re so very welcome, Carla!

    2. bittersweetflames


      <3 You are the sweetest thing. ^_^

  7. Thank you for the squee. <3

    1. starbuck.


      it's well deserved! :D

  8. omg omg omg your comment. D= I LOVE YOU. <3 :wub:

    1. azimuth


      :D Love you too! <3
    2. bittersweetflames


      I will treasure it forever and forever.<3

      (I've screencapped it like the total creeper I am)

  9. You. Are. Awesome. Thank you for the squee and the nom... GAH. Way to make my week. D=

    1. choobacca


      :') :') :') anytimeee. you are awesomer

  10. Hi, Bex! Thanks for the question on my artist q&a!!! My laptop is dead so IDK when I can answer since I wanted to answer with pictures too. :(

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      don't worry about it, there's no rush Carla <33

  11. Hi! If anyone has any questions re my graphics/graphicking... Please feel free to ask: http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=134196

  12. Hi, Rodrigo! I'm Carla and I just decided to drop by your gallery because I've seen you posting so actively around the site and I just figured I'd come over and say hi. HI!!! Anyway, onto your graphics... It is such a pleasure to see you post (esp in the PYLC) because it's so easy to see how much you improve graphic to graphic... I love how you experiment with composition and you're very unique with your texture use. Good job! Keep working, practicing and getting better and for sure you'll get EVEN BETTER as the days pass... ~~C omg, look who won a new page.
  13. so glad to be home from the hospital. :wub: missed tda and photoshop so much.

  14. Hey Karni, my darling little!!! Sorry that my comment is so late.:( but totally here for the bite size challenge #2!!! As I am posting from the hospital I want to apologize for not being able to link stuff so will instead be calling them by title. First, I really adore your coloring. Especially the Terence and Rita Skeeter CIs, and the hero and Octavia sigs!!! Your composition is really awesome especially in your CIs and your text as well, which is why I think those are your strongest graphic type. You did tell they are your favorite to make and I guess thats why. <3 However I do th
  15. Ok, Branwen. First off, congratulations on a very well-deserved promo! MC or not, you deserve it because: 1. you're awesome 2. your style is unique and awesome and very very recognizable 3. you're stubborn and hardworking 4. your gallery is just full of the most prettyful pretties 5. just because. <3 (I ran out of reasons but that doesn't mean I don't love you or your graphics. They're all so smooth and gorgeous and they have that Branwen stamp of amazingness that makes them undeniable. I don't know who could possibly deserve this any more than you do so congratulations once again. &l
  16. Wah! Thank you for the gallery comment, darling. <3 :wub:

  17. Had no work Saturday and Sunday because weekend. Have no work Tuesday and Wednesday because holiday BUT I have work today, Monday. Laziest day ever.

  18. Posting! You know how much I love you. Will edit with a longer one when on my PC. <3 Oh, Tomi Lee... My darling. You are the most awesomest of awesomes. I know I dragged you to come back to graphic-making and I couldn't have been happier that you did and that your style has evolved and grown and gotten so good! So happy that I forced you to use more tumblry type textures because this and this and this are just WOW. OMG. So amazeballs. Your coloring is just so lush and vibrant and UGH. I want to learn your secrets. (I know. You told me but seriously? I just. CANNOT.) I also love t
  19. Thank you for the squee, darling! :* <3

  20. omg this layout is very cool looking. Well done! <3
  21. Yay!!! Congrats Karni!! Well-deserved..<3
  22. Hi, Kaitlin! Seems like it's been ages... :D Do you still remember me?XD

    1. TreacleTart


      Hey Carla! Of Course I remember you. :) I've been pretty MIA myself for awhile. I'm currently out traveling the world for 18 months, so I haven't been doing much in the way of graphics.

  23. Not being able to do graphics on weekdays is a miserable feeling when I actually have inspiration. D=

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