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  1. [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/81gOR5m.png]
  2. Thank you for the squee and your kind words ❤️ 

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      You're welcome, it was such a beautiful graphic! 

  3. Thank you so much for the squee! ❤️ I really appreciate it.

  4. Challenge Issued By: bewitching. (and many others before me) Challenge Title: [Chapter Image] Love your Rank Challenge Image Size: one 380x300 chapter image Text: up to artist Specific Images: up to artist Mood: up to artist Animation? N/A Other Information: For this challenge, you will be making one chapter image featuring your rank colour. You can have as many other colors on your graphic as you'd like, but make sure it's obvious which one is your rank colour. Try to match the mood, text, and images to your rank colour ( any one who is a superstar, probably won't be making any dark, angsty graphics with their pink colour). Rank colour hex codes are below- it doesn't need to be absolutely exact, but make sure it's identifiable. Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: 11th April 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [code][img=image url here][/code]
  5. @wanderedaway I have completed your critique. All slots are up for grabs!
  6. Hi Desiree, I'm here with your spring critique. First, I wanted to say how much I am in love with your icons. They are absolutely stunning. I especially love +this set. Your icons seem to be your strongest graphic within your gallery contrary to what you said in the form. I feel that you have a great grasp on composition here as you use different cuts and your icons are cohesive and work as a set. Weak Points Composition It is defined as: the way that people or things are arranged in a painting or photograph. I've always believed it to also mean how well things work together within a graphic. I often find some days you will have good days and bad days regarding composition but it is all about the process. From looking at your gallery I think you have a good grasp of composition but I feel as if you are sticking to your comfort zone. In your signatures there is a constant theme of your models being placed in similar positions on the graphic. Composition also comes down to where the focal point is on your graphics, for instance, with +this graphic my eye is wandering all over the place due to the subtext on either side. Next time you make any graphic I want you to consider the golden spiral, a tool to help you see where the focus point on your graphic is, by doing this your compositions should start to come together. You have a great eye for making everything work within a graphic, by that I mean your font colour choices fit in with your graphics, creating that cohesiveness which drives composition. I just think that with more practise your composition skills will get better. In terms of graphics being too simple or too cluttered, I definitely think this is an issue for example, +this could be classed as minimalistic and +this could be classed as too cluttered. There needs to be a fine balance between the two. Cluttered can mean many things from too much text, too many people or too much going on in the background. I think if you delved out of your comfort zone a little bit every now and again you will eventually find that fine balance in your composition. With your icons I think the sets you currently have in your gallery look fine to me as I believe that icons should be treated like any other graphic. With +this set the only icon looking cluttered is the bottom right one which has a lot of text on. Text on icons should be kept to a minimum. Finding the happy medium is tricky but like with anything it comes with time. I found the happy medium when I tried to experiment back in the day, I tried to get out of my comfort zone. I used to think piling everything on to a graphic it would all work but most of the time it never did. Slowly I began to see what was enough on a graphic or what was not enough. A way around this is to use multiple textures in a graphic, experiment a little with layer modes or various texture styles, and the same with stock, try placing them so you create a background, middle ground and a foreground. Eventually you will get there. Image Quality It will always play a big part in the overall look and quality of your graphic. Unfortunately filtering and colouring can often lower the quality of some images but there are ways around it. One way is to always use high quality images especially of models. This can be done through finding a good high quality images website or searching around on deviantart for HQ image packs or pngs of models such as +this or +this. What I would suggest is trialing out your colouring and filtering methods on a HQ image, doing it step by step will help you to understand which step might be affecting the image quality. For example, the image quality on +this icon set is slightly pixelated but it is hard to tell if colouring and filtering is causing it. I know with icons sizing something smaller than it should be reduces the quality but with a HQ image they have a higher number of pixels so if they were sized smaller the quality should stay the same. Another way would be to slightly change the way you colour or filter your graphics. It cannot hurt to change it up every now and again especially if you want to improve image quality. It is also a good tip to download high quality textures and stock as well. Another factor playing a role in image quality in your graphics could be the resolution settings when you create a graphic. For mine it is always set at 72 pixels per inch. Text I think text is one of your weak points too. I'm not seeing much variety in your font choices. There are ten graphics within your gallery that use a serif font, such as times new roman, mainly for the subtext. Although +these graphics have a good range of fonts which makes each of them unique. The font you choose should reflect the mood of your graphic. For example if I was creating a dark themed banner then I'd stick with cursive and serif fonts, if I am creating a bright happy banner then I would use bold, sans serif fonts. For +this graphic the text/fonts suggests it to be a sad, angsty graphic but the colours and theme of the banner suggest it to be a happy graphic, if that makes sense (it links in with your composition). To combat any issues with text I'd suggest hunting round for new fonts either on TDA or deviantart. You never know you might be inspired to try something new. Another thing with with the text in your graphics is that the lower case sub text on your banners is often hard to read especially on +this. A way to combat this is to put it all as upper case at around 8pt or lower, or try a different font such as arial or calibri. On +this graphic the sub text is competing with the large main text. The whole idea is that the main text should be the largest on the graphic and the sub text should be smaller, again creating more of a focal point. I'd also suggest trying not to cram too much text on a graphic as it contributes to your composition feeling cluttered. Less is more as they say. You want short, sharp and punchy. For this I would suggest looking in other artists galleries to see how they do text and put that into your graphics. Here are some galleries I think may help you: +one, +two, +three, +four. Gallery Spring Clean Here are the graphics I think you should consider removing: +here, +here, +here, +here. I think you should consider revamping your signature and chapter image sections as they are not on the same par as some of your other graphics. I hope this critique has helped you out. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to PM me. Gaby
  7. The drowsy cuckoo, and the humble-bee. Now do a choir of chirping minstrels bring In triumph to the world the youthful Spring. - Thomas Carew In this new season I thought it would be nice to start another critique thread, a nice spring clean for your gallery. It is time to brush off those winter blues and start a fresh and enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Who does not like spring? The birds are singing their beautiful songs, blossom is blooming on the trees, a yellow sea of daffodils blewing in the cool breeze and the sun spreading its warmth. HOW I DO CRITIQUES When I do critiques I will always start with the positives, graphics in your gallery that I like. Who does not love a compliment? I will then proceed to tackle all of the weak points you mention in the form but I also mention some other weaknesses you may not have picked up on. I try my best to give tips and tricks where I can. Since it is the season of spring and it is the time for spring cleaning, I will also suggest some graphics that you could remove from your gallery. It is totally your choice whether or not to remove them. RULES! 1) This critique is for all ranks: member, junior, senior, graduate, master, veteran 2) I can only take on three critiques at any one time 3) Use the form below to request a critique - be as detailed as possible [b]Artist Name[/b]: [b]Acknowledged Weak Points[/b]: (i.e., 'blending') [b]Type of Critique Requested[/b]: (i.e., 'my banners always come out cluttered - how can i prevent that from happening?') [b]Software[/b]: (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc...) [b]Most Recent Gallery Update[/b]: (i.e., date) [b]Gallery Link[/b]: [url=LINKHERE]Gallery[/url] [b]Requested Time Frame[/b]:
  8. Challenge Issued By: bewitching. Challenge Title: [banner] Hidden in Plain Sight Challenge Image Size: one 700x110 banner Text: see below Specific Images: see below Mood: see below Animation? N/A Other Information: Faces play a key role when creating graphics and a golden rule is to not obscure them with textures or stock. For this challenge I want you to throw that rule out of the window. I want you to be creative and hide the models faces from view. No part of their face such as eyes, nose and mouth should be seen. The models can be facing forwards or have their back to the camera. You are free to use stock or textures within your banner. The mood is up to you as is the amount of model pictures you use. The text will become your focal point and it should tie in with the mood/theme of your banner, so choose those fonts wisely. I want you to be very creative with this challenge. Use images in a shoot you would never consider using, use textures/stock you would never normally use. Go crazy. Just remember the golden rule for this challenge: hide the models faces from view. Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: 3rd April 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [code][img=image url here][/code]
  9. Congrats on the promotion! I am in awe of everything in your gallery. It is stunning. Your text use and texture use is amazing. Teach me oh wise one. My fave graphic would have to be your icons. They are flawless. Gaby
  10. Ashley! You have so many beauties in your gallery. I especially love all your icons. The different cuts on them are amazing. Keep up the great work.
  11. Hi Olivia. I just popped in to say congrats on the promotion this month. I love those icons for the colour palette challenge, they are GORGEOUS! I also really like your marry me banner. I love it when you do soft muted tones, it works really well. Gaby
  12. Congrats on being a shiny and new senior artist. Very well deserved!

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      Thank you so much!! :D I’m pretty psyched about it!

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