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  1. I'm super excited for the halloween event! Hands up who else is excited?

  2. @amortentia. @Medieval @AnaInWonderland @nox
  3. Challenge Issued By: bewitching. on behalf of the DA Digest team Challenge Title: [header] December DA Digest Image Size: 700x250 Text: 'Dark Arts Digest' or 'DA Digest' and 'December 2020' Specific Images: See below Mood: See below Animation? No Other Information: We're mixing up the challenges each month to have the header match the theme. December’s theme is Ugly Christmas Sweaters! The top header will be chosen! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: 31st October 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry within code tags! [*code] [*/code] (remove the asterisks) [img=image url here]
  4. Challenge Issued By: bewitching. Challenge Title: [misc] Spotify Shuffle Challenge Image Size: Up to two of the following: 700 x 110 banners, 380 x 300 CIs, 500 x 200 signatures. You can mix and match. Text: Main text should the title of the song and have a minimum of one song lyric as the small text Specific Images: Up to artist Mood: Relevant to the mood of the song Animation: No Other Information: I have plenty of songs on my spotify, ranging from pop and rock to Kpop. Just post that you are in and how many songs you want (max of two) and I'll edit your randomly chosen song(s) into the list below. Your challenge is to make a graphic based on the song(s) given to you! If you only choose one song, then you can only make one graphic. The colours and mood should reflect the song(s) you've been given. Have fun! Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: 28th October 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry within code tags! [*code] [*/code] (remove the asterisks) [img=image url here] Song List persephone - lullaby by Sigala & Paloma Faith | In the frozen by Dreamcatcher JadedWraith - Here with Me by Marshmello & chvrches | Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus Amortentia1992 - Dance Monkey by Tones and I wanderedaway - Lovesick Girls by BlackPink photoshopfreak - Break my Heart by Dua Lipa
  5. These signatures by @scintilla are just GORGEOUS 😍 I love everything about them!
  6. There are plenty of fun challenges for you to enter. Go on, give them a try!

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    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      @amortentia. I would say they are fair challenges...if they were too easy they wouldn't be a challenge ;) enjoy!

    3. bewitching.


      Like Grace said they are fair challenges that all artists can enter but some may work on a specific skill or something else.

    4. amortentia.
  7. @Charlie Lupin @JadedWraith @invidia @beyond the rain @felis catus
  8. Thanks for the squee :loves:

  9. Welcome back! (A bit late to the party) I remember you but I don't know if you remember me. I'm Gaby. It is nice to see another old face return.
  10. Congrats Jordan!!!
  11. @beyond the rain @wanderedaway @steve harrington @amoretti @violetpacifist
  12. Hi Grace! I’m here with your spring critique. Firstly, can I just say how gorgeous all of your graphics are. They are so pretty and shiny. Your mix of stock with textures is just beautiful. +this and +this are just stunning! Okay, so I could sit here all day and praise your work but that is not why I am here. Colouring After looking through your gallery I’ve noticed that you either tend to go for warm reds, cool blues or black and white colouring. Whilst this is not an issue it is just a habit that we can fall into. More often than not it is our personal preference to stick with certain things. Again, it is not a bad thing but it can limit us. Sometimes you have to branch out and think of the mood/theme over personal preferences. Think about what colours would best suit a dark angsty graphic and which ones would suit a bright romantic graphic? Always ask yourself does this colouring give off the right impression for the graphic? Think of it like this, if your graphic was a book cover then what impression would it give a potential reader. Does it convey everything you want it to tell them what your story is all about. Maybe try making a graphic with a contrasting colouring such as pink and cyan or dark blue/orange, mix things up. The results could surprise you. +this tutorial might be able to help you with colouring and ways of experimentation. Dark graphics seem to be your style but often it is nice to change it up every now and again. Instead of using dark textures maybe you could use bright colourful ones. If you have a dark texture then you could try having it on a different blend mode for different results. Create a bright colourful graphic with bright vibrant colouring, similar to your second set of icons. By mixing it up it should help you out of a rut and out of your comfort zone. Text Selecting fonts is exactly the same as what I said about colourings. They have to fit the theme of the graphic. Serif and cursive fonts work best with dark graphics and bold sans serif fonts work best with brighter graphics. I’d suggest browsing +dafont for new fonts just to change things up a bit. I always like to browse the ‘new fonts’ section as you may find some nice ones that inspire you. Again, try and get out of your comfort zone, go for fonts you may never normally use. Think of it like the book cover again. You will notice that dark fantasy books will always have a serif font for the title and a light hearted romance book will have a fun sans serif font. Choosing the right font helps to convey the overall mood. Another way to change up text is to try using different effects such as duplicating the main text, adding a stroke layer, reducing the fill to 0% and shifting the layer to the right or left. That is the most common effect with text now a days. You could try adding an inner glow to the text to lighten it. +this tutorial might help you understand some of the effects you can do with text. +here is another tutorial which may help you experiment with text. For me the text in +this banner does not work with the overall theme/mood. I would have chosen a serif type font so that it fits with more of the traditional theme. If you do create a bright coloured graphic then experiment with the fonts on that graphic and see what you can come up with. The results may inspire you when you create another graphic. Composition You actually have a good eye for creating a creative composition and focal points. Everything within your focal points is nicely grouped together. The biggest thing I think you need to work on is getting everything to work together and be cohesive. There are some cases where your choice of colouring or text or placement of people can throw of the composition, breaking the graphic up, such as your banners. The composition in your CI’s is amazing along with your signatures. I’d suggest working a bit more on trying to make everything within your graphics feel like they belong together. By that I mean so that no one can tell that they were placed together, they would think that everything in your graphic is the original image. If that makes sense. I’d refer you to my composition tutorial +here so that you can refine your compositions. I’ll also link you to +this tutorial as it is great at explaining how you can be creative with resources. I’ll also link you to my favourite places to get textures, stock pngs and brushes: +pngs, +texture-one, +brushes, +texture-two, +textures-three. Experiment with all of these and see what interesting compositions you could come up with. Spring Clean Out These are just a few graphics that should be removed from your gallery as they are not up to the standard of all the others. Feel free to ignore this section. +this – the main text does not fit within the graphic especially its colour. Your last two signatures +here and +here – they don’t feel as well made as your other signatures. I’d also shrink your banner section and only showcase your best work. I would suggest keeping +this, +this, +this, +this, +this and +this. If you have any questions about anything mentioned then do not hesitate to PM me. Gaby
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