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  1. Great edition! Congrats to everyone featured.
  2. Join the Title Challenge: +here

  3. I must admit I got confused and thought the voting was for which pieces should be removed. I voted for: Icons - 3 and 6 Banners - 2, 3 and 4 Sigs - 2, 5, 6 and 7 Blends - 2
  4. Hi Ashley! I'm here with your critique. Image quality My main tip for image quality is to download HQ pictures, stock or model images work best if they are high quality. For this I'd suggest looking at actor and actress's fansites as they will mostly likely have HQ images you can use. Also look for HQ stock packs too. Another thing I can suggest is having the resolution for your graphics set at 72 pixels/inch. A factor which can play a role in image quality is resizing after the first initial resize. You want to try resizing and placing in one sweep. Text I've noticed that some of your text is not that readable. I know that you are trying to make it readable with a drop shadow but this does not always work. My main rule with text is that when working with a light coloured banner dark text works best and vice versa. If you keep that in mind it will help you a lot. Try using some different fonts too but keep in mind the mood of the graphic you are making. For bright graphics I'd suggest using sans serif fonts rather than cursive fonts as they suit dark, moody graphics. Also choose colours that match the colours from your graphic rather than just plain white and black. This will help the text look like it belongs in your graphics. Blending Modes I'd suggest playing around with different blend modes. I feel on some of your graphics the textures, on screen or lighten, wash out the graphic. +here I feel like the image of the castle is really washed out and bearly visible aprt from a small line where the twig would have been. I'd love to see you play around with overlay textures a bit more and different blend modes. Composition I feel like some of your graphics lack a main focal point especially +here, +here and +here. Here are some tutorials on composition that can help you: +here and +here. Composition is how everything works together and includes a focal point. For a focal point to work it has to be a place where the eye is first drawn too which means that the text has to match the placement of everything else. With you 'castles' signature my eye is all over the place as their is no clear focal point. I'd suggest working and playing around with it. The more you practise the better you will be. Challenges Here are some fun challenges to push you out of your comfort zone. Create a dark/moody banner with at least two models on and one overlay texture, including suitable stock Create a signature that has at least three model images from the same photoshoot: +here Create a 100x100 icon set using +these model images and +this texture pack Create a blend with images of your favourite celebrity and only use textures on it I hope this critique helps you in some way. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or require any help with photoshop or any of the challenges suggested. Gaby
  5. Wow this digest looks amazing! Definitely spook-tacular! Congrats to everyone who is mentioned.
  6. Yep. Looks like we may be the guilty parties until proven innocent
  7. Such an interesting digest this month. Good job you guys!!!! I'm torn between starbuck and myself....oh and maybe ailhsa 🤔
  8. I have three spots open in my senior to master artist critique if anyone still wants one.

  9. Both critiques completed. All three spaces are open again.
  10. Hi Jess. I'm here with your critique. Can I just say that I am awe of your gallery. It is so colourful and pretty, your style is amazing. Reptative Fonts I have noticed in six of your graphics you use the same font, +this is the font I mean - the one used for 'skinny dipping'. I think it is the same font but please do correct me if I am wrong. Through its repetative use it feels like it is your go to, comfort zone font. I mean don't get me wrong it works in every graphic you made using it but it can start making the graphics look samey even though they are completely different. I'd suggest experimenting with new fonts and that way it might spark your muse and you can make more different graphics. Browse dafont and see if you find any new ones you like. There is nothing wrong with downloading similar fonts to the one you currently use but make sure it looks different so a difference between the two can be seen. You also have fallen into the habit of using the same font for the subtext and again that can make it feel samey. Try and experiment with different fonts for your subtext. Repetative Comp I have noticed that you tend to group everything together in one place on the graphic, which looks great but leaves quite a bit of unused space on the graphic. In order to get out of this rut maybe try and use the whole of the canvas space rather than grouping everything onto one side. To break this repetativeness you need to experiment. Get out of your comfort zone, break free from your norm. To help with this I suggest maybe downloading new textures etc and this way it might spark your creativity. You can still keep your style obviously but it is just getting you to make new things with new textures or fonts etc. Also try adding more or less people into the graphic. In your signatures you use mainly two people and on your banners you use three people. Play around with it and see what you can come up with. Focal Point I have noticed that your focal points mostly tend to be your text more than the people on the graphic. So maybe try changing it up a bit and making a person on your graphic the focal point instead of the text. For example, on your banners my eye is drawn to the text (it may different for other people) rather than the larger people on them. I'm not saying that text should not be your focal point but I'm just staying add some variation to break away from your repetative comp. +here my eye is drawn to the text more than the larger person because they are similar sizes and competing for my focus. If the main text had been smaller then my focus would be drawn to the larger model. Moving forward All you have to do is experiment a little bit more, try new things. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It is what every artist falls into every now and again, so you are not alone. Download new textures, new fonts and try to use the whole canvas, all of this may spark your muse and get you out of the rut you are stuck in. Look for inspiration in other galleries and see if that helps. Be creative and you may be surprised at the results. Mini challenge - Create a graphic (any size you chose) and it must include four people (this can be from the same photoshoot or different people). I'd like to see a new font that you have never used before but I want the graphic to still be kept in your colourful style whilst using the whole canvas. I hope this mini critique has helped you in some way. If you have any questions then please feel free to PM me. Gaby
  11. Hi Taylor. I'm here with your critique. Lets start by working on your acknowledged weak points. Image quality Your image quality for the people is actually quite good. If you want to boost the image quality of stock or people then you need to be looking for HQ images. There a few things that can affect the quality of images. One can be colouring layers and the other can be sharpening and topaz filtering. Make sure that your images are not being effected by any of these things and the quality of your images should improve. Repetative Comp The best way to avoid repetative comp is to experiment and get out of your confort zone. Remember the definition of composition is how well everything works together within your graphic. When you go through the graphic making process then ask yourself some questions. Does everything in the base work together? Am I using the same type of stock over and over? Will the people I have chosen work on the base? Does the text work well and does it fit the mood of the graphic? If you ask yourself these questions then it should help you break away from reptative composition. Slowly you will break away from your comfort zone and find new and creative ways to put things together. +here is a tutorial you may find useful. Chapter Images I can see with your CI's that you have a habit of only using two models and large text, which goes back to your repetative comp issue. It also goes hand in hand with the slight issue of a focal point. +here is a good tutorial on focal point which may help you out. As I always explain to people focal point is the one point where you eye is draw to when you first look at the graphic. For example, my eye when looking at +this is torn between the large model and the large text. Since they are almost the same size they are competing for the focal point. Think of chapter images like a blend but on a smaller scale. I'd suggest practising placement of text within your graphics especially your chapter images. There might be some useful tips within +this tutorial. Try making the text smaller so it gives your larger model more of a focal point. Another tip would be to use fonts to fit the mood of the graphic, same thing goes for the colour of the text too. If you have a bright happy CI like +this one then the font used should be blocky and bold such as sans serif fonts but instead serif fonts like times new roman were used and they are normally used for dark and sad graphics. If you look through +starbuck's gallery then for the majority of their graphics they use cursive fonts as their graphics always have a dark concept. Whereas if you look at +justonemorefic's gallery you can see all there bright colourful graphics have blod fonts. With your chapter images I'd suggest experimenting a little. Maybe instead of stock use only textures, try a new placement of text, try adding more people into the graphic. A tip to help this is look through other artists galleries (Grad artists upwards) and gain inspiration from them. If you see a placement or font you like then use it as inspiration when you make new graphics. Mini Challenge - Make a CI with three people on, be creative with text (using a new font etc) and it's placement, the mood must be dark and you can only use textures Skin Colour I've noticed that due to some of your colouring layers the skin of the models look unnatural and purple, for example +this, +this, +this, +this, +this and +this. The biggest rule in graphic making is to keep the skin tones as natural as possible. You can enchance the yellow tones or red tones but any other colour and the people can start to look alien like. Try to not let your colouring layers affect the skin tone too much. You might find +this tutorial within +this section helpful. Base backgrounds I feel like from the backgrounds of your banners are slightly chaotic, or well they seem that way because the textures used on top of them are washing out all of the stock used in your backgrounds. +here the texture and the filtering are masking the castle and train. +here the background looks super grainy. You need to find a balance between stock and textures as well as visibility. Text A little tip for text as some of it is not visible on some of your graphics. Dark background = light coloured text. Light background = dark coloured text. Sometimes visibility is down to the font used. So if you follow the light and dark rule then you should be okay as well as being careful over the font you selected. As I said earlier the font really does show off the mood of the graphic so choose wisely. Moving forward You have a good promising gallery and I'd love to see you experiement more whether that be with new fonts, using new stock, trying to be more creative, trying more colourings. Just try and break free from your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to be daring and try something new. I cannot wait to see new graphics from you. These are the weaker graphics I think you could remove from your gallery: +here, +here, +here, +here, +here. I apologise that this is a long critique. If you have any questions then feel free to PM me. Gaby
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