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  1. My unicorn name for my TDA username is Snowflake Twinkle Hooves! That would be a perfect new username Mafee.
  2. @melodrama @scintilla @sun.flower
  3. Caro! All of your graphics are stunnning! 😍 Your vertical banners are just perfection *chefs kiss* I cannot wait to come back and see what other beauties you have made!
  4. The links for the wildlife info are +here, +here and +here. If anyone is interested. They are UK sites so I hope they work for everyone.
  5. https://www.redtedart.com/bird-feeder-crafts/ https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/diy-birdhouse-ideas-4161116 https://www.bakerross.co.uk/craft-ideas/kids/solitary-bees-hotel/ @kalopsia @scintilla @winter soldier
  6. Hi Lexi, I’m here with your critique. First off, contgrats on your promotion. Very well deserved. Focal Points When it comes to focal points I think the strongest ones are those in your signatures. You have a good eye for grouping everything together to create one. I love your use of large and small model images. The signatures I like the most are +this and +this. The focal points within these definitely draw you into the graphic rather than your eyes struggling to find where to look. If you could apply those types of focal points to the rest of your graphics then they would b
  7. Hi Jess, I’m here with your critique. I’m in awe of all of your graphics. They are stunning! I love them all. You have an amazing grasp on comps, colouring, everything! Text Your skills with text are just incredible! The way you can fit lots of text onto a single graphic is just…wow! I’m jealous of your skills! The only thing I would say is the small is often hard to make out and read such as +here. This can be down to a couple of factors such as filter/colouring layers, font used or spacing between the letters. In order to fix it, if it is because of y
  8. Hi Sarah, I’m here with your critique. Congrats on your promotion this month. So well deserved. Your graphics are so soft and I love that! Centre Based Focal Point One thing I have noticed whilst browsing your gallery is that you tend to keep everything on a central focal point. Whilst that is not a bad thing as it is a good starting point, it does tend to make your graphics look the same. The viewers eye is always drawn to the same point, especially in your signatures as a straight line can be drawn through then all. Ideally you would want a jagged zigzag line going through t
  9. @kalopsia @sun.flower @suga.
  10. A fresh new start in a new year! Share your thoughts about the digest in the digest survey thread!


  11. A new year brings fresh new ideas. The current setup of the digest has been running for 3 and a half years. So we would like to hear your thoughts on what you like and do not like as well as your own ideas for the digest. If you think of anything after filling out the survey then feel free to post them below. ++ Digest Survey ++
  12. @abyss @kalopsia @wildest dreams.
  13. Hi Ana, I’m here for your winter critique. I love your use of lighting textures it makes your graphics look soft and shiny. If I had to pick out one piece which I think is one of your best pieces is +this. Everything about it is super pretty. The colours and the text work so well together. Banners Since you only have two examples I can only give you some tips and tricks on how to make your banners even better. I love your ‘stargirl’ banner. The comp and colours are beautiful and everything works well together. My tips are: Try and include more than two people
  14. Hi Jess, I’m here for your winter critique. I’ve always admired your graphics and how you do your text. My favourite pieces are +this and +this. I love the use of different fonts for the text. Repetitive placements I’ve noticed you tend to group everything to the right of the blend. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but when you look through your gallery everything follows the same line. I know placements are hard due to the space available on different graphic sizes but there are a couple of ways you correct this issue. One way is to divide your graphic into three sections, wh
  15. Hi! Welcome back Khanh! Every graphic in your gallery looks so soft and beautiful! I'm in love! The way the colours in each graphic pop out! I especially love your 'Iris' signatures. They are just so pretty. I'm certainly going to have to pop back now and again to see what other amazing graphics you have made
  16. 🎶 Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! ❄️ 

  17. I'm super excited for the halloween event! Hands up who else is excited?

  18. @amortentia. @Medieval @AnaInWonderland @nox
  19. There are plenty of fun challenges for you to enter. Go on, give them a try!

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    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      @amortentia. I would say they are fair challenges...if they were too easy they wouldn't be a challenge ;) enjoy!

    3. bewitching.


      Like Grace said they are fair challenges that all artists can enter but some may work on a specific skill or something else.

    4. coyrubis.
  20. @Charlie Lupin @JadedWraith @invidia @beyond the rain @felis catus
  21. Thanks for the squee :loves:

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