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  1. I'm way to lazy to log on my computer and get on Skype but I needed to squee at you because monroe and rosalee are like my life and my husband just doesn't understand my pain of how cute they are. I'm still in early season 2 haha xP

  2. eeeep I am the actual worst about our battle. can we get a week extension?? I wanna crank some graphics out ASAP and want to try to finish. sorry for failing so miserably life has been kicking my butt recently

  3. hey sammi, welcome to tda! i hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to pm me
  4. thanks so much for the squee, ess! you're a doll <3

  5. heyyy i left you a message on skype >.<

    1. cheriechapstick


      I'll have to get on there and see if I can get it to work!!! :( it stopped working on my phone and computer I'll try and get in!

  6. hey Ess how are you? :D btw I wanted to ask about the actress you used for the 'aphrodite' banner for the UC...what's her name? I know I've seen it before but I'm not being able to find it... thanks in advance! :D

    1. endlessly.


      i'm good thanks! you? and it's candice king lol the model i use for everything ;D

    2. prongsbeak


      I knew I had seen that name somewhere! :P hehe I'm good thanks! currently working on my rustiness on making graphics... :P absolutely love love your graphics!!!! :worship: share your talent please? :P

  7. ilysm thank u for the squee bby

    1. endlessly.


      u r most welcome <3

  8. Congratulations <3333 welcome to the team!
  9. OMG! Thank you so much for the nom!.... I was going through the voting... and I was sure no one nom'd me because I haven't been around hardly.... soooo. Thank you really. <3

    1. endlessly.


      you're super welcome, love :)

  10. Thank you so much for the lockscreen graphic you made me for secret santa. It is beautiful!

  11. Current Name: heartfelt Desired Name: endlessly. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes! Previous Name Changes: pheonixn > heartfelt > impossible girl > heartfelt thank you <33
  12. Hi Alyssa, I'm Ess and welcome to TDA : D I've seen you around on shadowplay (i'm heartfelt. over there too). I'm super excited to see you over here, if you need any help at all or have any questions, don't hesitate to find me Also wow! Ten years is a long time to have been making graphics, that's amazing! :0
  13. omg your comment in my gallery totally made my day, thank you so so much <333

  14. OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT DRAMIONE SIG okay thanks ;)

    1. endlessly.


      ahaha thank you so much <3333 :D

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