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  1. I'm way to lazy to log on my computer and get on Skype but I needed to squee at you because monroe and rosalee are like my life and my husband just doesn't understand my pain of how cute they are. I'm still in early season 2 haha xP

  2. sorry i couldn't manage this with all the models so i just went for the main char <3 hope this works for you, if not, you can ask for changes or reopen
  3. so sorry for the wait, i'm still working on this life has just been hectic but I will try and have something for you in 24 hours or less <3
  4. eeeep I am the actual worst about our battle. can we get a week extension?? I wanna crank some graphics out ASAP and want to try to finish. sorry for failing so miserably life has been kicking my butt recently

  5. i'll open this up for you as you stated the artist is free to find their own images, i'm just letting you know that the album you provided isn't correct (i'm not even sure what it's an album of ) just letting you know in case you wish to edit in the correct one
  6. hey sammi, welcome to tda! i hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to pm me
  7. felis catus - freda is back and look and these beauties :loves: cheriechapstick - jess did such a beautiful job on this Ande - complete and total perfection, no one can gif like ande can :queen:
  8. thanks so much for the squee, ess! you're a doll <3

  9. here with some more pylc beauties callist - this is stunning, the comp, colouring and just everything works so perfectly together beyond the rain - bex is just literally perfection and everything she makes is gold :queen: :queen: bittersweetflames - carla says she doesn't like this colouring but we can all agree that she's wrong because it's just beyond stunning :loves: and thank you for the squee my precious bexicle, ily <3
  10. ^everyone is amazing hamylton. the colouring and stock is just incredible .amaris this is beautiful, adore the colouring saturn. katlynn just being her usual perfect self, like?????? my god aurevoir, the stock use in this is just perfection :wub: persephone. IM DEAD THIS COLOURING OWNS MY SOUL
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