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  1. [b]Current Name:[/b] I am Ghost [b]Desired Name:[/b] ghostly [b]Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No):[/b] No [b]Previous Name Changes:[/b] None
  2. Happy Birthday! *i'm late (''>-<)*

  3. happy birthday, yasssie!!!! :)

  4. ... That counts as a comment, right?

  5. DAMMIT! i meant christmas. read my sig. i knew i wished SOMEONE a happy birthday instead. grrr. my bad ;)

  6. Birthday where the f did that come from? :P

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YASSY POOOOOO! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHH! <3 *gets you a new rabbit for christmas* baha. or should it be an elephant? ;)

  8. Happy birthday Seng! Hope it's one with lots of presents and b-day cake, mmm. :D Have a good day!

  9. pffft, as if -I- am ghost.

  10. pft. it's in a challenge somewhere. i've still got to make another 5 banners for the challenge, THEN they'll go in my gallery. sillyyassy.

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