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  1. XD Nope, they're not dead. ^^ Apparently the thing that made them feel bad was the fact that their guides from around the area were walking up the mountain with like 20kg on their heads o.O Or rather running as if it were nothing. XD

  2. you do, really? and they're ok? like, not dead or anything? oh thank merlin *flops* I'm sofreakingscared about doing it ...

  3. Awww....I know some people who climbed kili ^^. They said it was good...sort of XD And yes, I will thank you :) *pokes back* (late)

  4. they're meant to be :P except other than climbing kili I can't afford anything else. Break from education though ^^ Hope you enjoy your breaaak <3

  5. Ahhh, are gap years fun? ^^ And I'm good. Half term now sooo.....a bit of a break XD

  6. *pokes* ^^! I'm goood - gap year <3 visiting a friend in uni atm, failing at finding work etc you alright? *hums too*

  7. *hums* & *prods* How are you??

  8. Yay! Congratu-flipping-lations! You deserve this position a thousand times over Your ability to do what you do with graphics never fails to floor me Hats off, you have insane and intimidating skill! Yay for your promotion <33
  9. ahaha, thank you too. but no need to bow down, i'm still the same person you made those planets with. mwahaha

  10. d'aww you squeaked! no problem <3

  11. I said I'd tell you how I did .. so voila: I got 36 points ^_^ majorly shocked and ever so relieved. All my year passed all subjects which was awesome <33

  12. IamSORRY ... for dying on msn. Bad Cadi. But squeak thank you for the birthday wishes! Spsht I am so your age now *cackles* <333

  13. thank you ^_^

  14. Squeak! Thank you! <3

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