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  1. i need 2 ask... where do u get ur textures from 👀

    every time i see ur graphics im in awe at how gorgeous they are 😳

    1. scintilla


      omg thanks! I downloaded some more today. they're mostly deviantart ones. I've got loads of cypher-s, endl-ess-ly and EreaeaErae, they're the main ones I use. 

  2. Thank you for the squee lovely ❤️

  3. thank you so much for the squee!!! it means so much :loves:

  4. thanks so much for the squee!! ❤️ 

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      You're welcome, that sig is beautiful 

  5. @bright spark zoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! it's been so long! thanks so much!! i'm thinking about making my new years resolution this year to do every uc in 2019? im not sure I'll be able to do it but I'm going to have a go. pssssh you're flying up the ranks again! I'm so glad you're back!! Also you have to tell me who you're handling on pw so we can thread!! <33 phoebe xx
  6. How does one reference TDA & Graphic making as an interest on a CV without calling it (as my sister does) my "nerdy internet life"??

    1. oz.


      just refer to it as being interested in photoshop (as a hobby) and/or photo manipulation. be careful using 'graphic design' as that tends to refer to like logo work and such

    2. panacea.


      I would put it down as "Adobe Photoshop" so that is general and specific at the same time.

  7. My photoshop crashed and took the psds of all my uc entries with it //weeps eternally at my own stupidity

    1. prongsbeak
    2. scintilla


      thank you I need hugs!! :'(

  8. I'm very behind on thanking you all for coming to my gallery and saying such lovely things and for my promo presents you're all so lovely!!
  9. PHOEBE I C O N S B A N N E R S S IG N A T U R E S C H A P T E R I M A G E S O T H E R S http://i.imgur.com/voXO0eH.png http://i.imgur.com/7nqcB52.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/NlOpGfO.png Miss Atomic Bomb & starbuck & Miss Atomic Bomb & starbuck & Lola. http://i.imgur.com/WLULScq.png EVENSTARSS & CINDERELLASYMPTOM & ACCIO GLOW & DREAMSANDGLASS & HYPERBORE
  10. Okay I'm on holiday and typing this from my phone so it could get messy - I'm a member of TDA who has never really had a problem with it before, for me this isn't the last straw on many other issues. I have had very little problem with promotions despite having not been promoted for two years because I know I can improve still. what upsets me a lot was the note at the end. I know this has been apologised for and members having already spoken to it but I've got a lot of feelings- My issue with what was said more than anything was the tone. TDA is an online community, it's not a school
  11. Firstly, I love what you've got in here - it's pretty awesome! But you asked for crit-esque comments so I'll do my best I really like both your icons sets and I think you're right to keep them. Your banners are great too. Your landslide banner is wonderful - the light, the contrast, the text it all works really well together! Of them I'd say maybe losing the Shiloh/Dolores one just because I think that as a whole thing it's less cohesive than some of the others. The comp and texture use of the Elijah/Heledd banner I think is really good, although the skin tones don't totally match, but
  12. Vee my love, what's the name of the font you used for "elastic" on your amazing blend :D

    1. daredevil


      hey phoebe! :DDD it's sudestada, I'm pretty sure! (and thank you eep)

    2. scintilla
  13. ommmmg yes I looked for your gallery yesterday and was so sad you didn't have one and now you do and I'm kinda struggling to breathe ommmmg everything is so amazing ;-; your use of texture is terrifying, but your colour and your text actually make me want to cry they're so beautiful That Flora sig is flawless in comp colour everything and I just want to sit and stroke it (ngl I've had it open in my tabs so I can look at it in moments of saddness) Your icons are amazing and I'm deeply jealous, but tbh I'm jealous of everything in here So to conclude, you're crazy talented
  14. "Failing miserably" you said. http://i.imgur.com/Lc6MB6x.png THIS IS AMAZING. You go girl >D

    1. cleopatra.


      ahh you literally made my day! i was grinning like an idiot when i saw this today morning xD thanks pheobe <3

    2. scintilla


      You are welcome darling <3 I looked at it again today and I'm like shjbsdfjhdf I love it so much :D

  15. Pheobe THANK YOU <3 That was my first stock graphic in like FOREVER and I hate banners so both? That was hell to make ugghhhhh TYSM 5EVER

    1. scintilla


      It's so beautiful! :O Seriously everything you make is fabulous I just want to stalk >D

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