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  1. paper doll Everything Jean makes is so stunning *-* I would have squeed them all, but thought I'd limit myself! scintilla The comp and everything is so gorgeous *-* Thank you guys so much for the squees
  2. It's no problem at all ^_^ Lemme know if you want anything else changing!
  3. Great issue guys, love the layout and articles ^_^
  4. sundrops I love the colouring and simplicity *-* bittersweetflames Literally everything about these are perfection!! beyond the rain The comp and texture use is so pretty *-*
  5. ^everyone is on fire *-* avalanche Wendy's graphics slay, her colouring is just *-* (also extremely lucky Bambi is my character and she spoils me) heartfelt Ess' comp and colouring and text always look stunning!! Bear&Fox The colouring and comp and textures are gorgeous *-*
  6. Here you go, if it's okay credit to Maisie Johnston please ^_^
  7. ^ so many pretty graphics *-* heartfelt The comp and colouring are stunning! starbuck The simplicity and text are gorgeous! wildest dreams The texture use and comp *-* Thank you for the squee Edit: Back with more pretties *-* and peggy I adore the colouring on this and the comp
  8. Here you go ^_^ Feel free to ask for changes, if they're okay please credit to Maisie Johnston!
  9. Lovely issue of the Digest guys, already miss working with you lot! Thank you so much for the feature ^_^
  10. I'm hideously bad at responding to gallery comments Thank you so much though guys
  11. Here you go, feel free to ask for changes or reopen if it's not what you're looking for! If it's fine credit to Maisie Johnston ^_^
  12. ^ thank you guys so much for the squees beyond the rain JUST HOW DOES BEX STOCK? *-* miss atomic bomb The comp, the text, the colouring, basically everything is perfection *-* heartfelt forever drooling over stuff Ess makes! wildest dreams. The texture use and colouring are so pretty!
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