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  1. This was a great read! I'll have you know I love riddles!! So I think I figured out all of them except for the last one. 1 drinks only tea, 1 drinks only wine, and 1 drinks coffee, tea, and wine A teapot There's still a fly in her cup
  2. These are amazing!!! They're all so perfect, I can't even wrap my head around how you do this!! 100% agree you should drop a tutorial on how you do what you do!
  3. HELLO! I JUST WANTED TO COME OVER HERE AND TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MAKE!! CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! YOU'RE SO TALENTED!!!! 😍💜 i love love your icons! (oof can i steal some?) my faves: this , this, this and this honestly tho i had to stop myself from just linking everything.
  4. I still don't even know what to think. q_q Thank you guys soooo soo so much <3 <3 <3 You're all so lovely and kind.
  5. congrats on the promo :DD !!!

  6. Hi lovely!! Thanks soooo much. <3 alsdfjk I'm glad you like it, I enjoy it. xD eeep, thanks bunches. <333 I'll try and keep it updated as best I can. :*
  7. a.skitty - Hey!! Thanks so much! <333 I'm glad you think so. :love: Serein - eeeep, thanks. I just do what i can, practice and such. I know, but icons are my worst enemy, I've no idea how to make them work like everyone else does. D; Annnd awww I'm glad I inspired you to do better. <33
  8. Laura - thank you so much for saying that, I'm sure I'm still a long way off but hearing you say that gives me some confidence! Thanks for pointing things out for me! <3 <3 Karni~ Thanks, I quite needed some, I want to improve. <3 Thanks so much for pointing that out, I'll have to try. I just started with all the filtering so i'm just trying to get the hang of what i should and shouldn't do. Thank you. <3
  9. Aww, thanks so much lovely!! I dislike icons and they dislike me so saying you like them makes me feel better about them. :'D
  10. *squeaks* omg thanks so much bby. <3 asdlfjk
  11. Thank you so much Enya. <3 I'm going to try my best to fine tune now. >D Your critique was sooo helpful. Keeelleeeyyy, omg stop you're going to make me blush. and yes I am. >D so available. Yes yes, I shall make all the things soon. :3 Thanks for stopping by with your beautiful words.
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