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  1. Thanks for reminding me! I honestly have such a scatterbrain sometimes :P I could've sworn that I added her to my credits list... But I'll get onto it right away

  2. Hello Milady.

    1. Highwater


      Sorry, didn't mean to send that to early <.< Oh well. I wanted to say that I've seen that you've used some of my dear friend Krypteria's (krypteriahg.deviantart.com) textures (http://i46.tinypic.com/2croqxz.png & http://i45.tinypic.com/23ww9b5.jpg), but I haven't seen any credit given to her in your gallery. I think she deserves it, and I believe it's especially important in a forum as TDA. Hope you can fix this because it doesn't seem fair to her work...

    2. Highwater


      Considering that she does all this for free and the only thing she's asking for is proper credit. Thanks for reading.

  3. Una cara amigable! D: Este foro me da miedo (?)

    1. souffle girl.

      souffle girl.


      no no Vic, que no te de miedo e_è aqui estoy yo (?)

    2. Highwater


      Sálvame de esta gente que intimida *se aferra a la galería de Mary*

    3. souffle girl.

      souffle girl.

      A mala galería te aferras (?) D:

      abre la tuya, para que veas que nadie muerde u_u

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