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  1. Hi Vanya! Is it possible to resize banner #3 to 700 x 150, please? I totally understand if that would require too much work, though!
  2. at last i can post here!! Current Name: Squirtle Desired Name: constellations Previous Name Changes: !Tiva > pandeia. pandeia. > Squirtle
  3. :worship: rehosting and crediting this beauty, thank you so much!!
  4. Story (or Chapter) Title: The Skull Beneath the Skin Link to your Story (or Chapter): +click Size of Graphic: a 700x150 banner please Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: yes please, it's esmeraude Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: yes Do You Have Permission to Change it?: i pm'ed the original artist several months ago and had no response (it's just taken me until now to actually rerequest because i'm lazy/picky ) Characters to Include (Canon or Original): main focus: ebba zingmark as posy weasley, with red hair and black glasses +bellazon secondary focus, all as equal-ish as possible: ben whishaw as regulus black (basically like Q in Skyfall, but without glasses) luke arnold as tiberius nott, with long hair (sorry!) timothée chalamet as walden macnair, just... kind of cut him off at the shoulders? Other Images You Would Like: stars! the dark mark! more stars! there's this show called Black Sails and its opening credits would make an incredible background/stock but it's on hulu which is US only. and did i mention stars? (okay i'm in love with your starry textures shh... but also there's an underlying constellational theme in this fic. with sirius and regulus, how can there not be?) Quotes to use on Graphic: we were just kids fighting a grown-ups' war Color Preferences: black, white, silver, green, basically go overboard with a sinister!slytherin theme! Mood of Your Story: all of the creepy, evil, morally grey characters... you've read it, you know what i'm on about Animation? If so, how? no thank you! Additional Information: thank you so much, kris! also a note to the mods: kris is super busy so i'm happy to wait for the banner, i'm just posting this request now because i'll be MIA for the next few days
  5. :omg: :omg: :omg: this is incredible! thank you so much! i'm snagging the middle one and absolutely will rehost/credit/all that jazz
  6. rehosting, crediting, worshipping
  7. the image is great and the ci looks gorgeous but i should've made myself clearer, sorry -- i'd like the chapter title on there too (where the red text goes)
  8. Story (or Chapter) Title: The Firework-Maker's Daughter Link to your Story (or Chapter): +click Size of Graphic: a 700x150 banner please Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: yes please, it's esmeraude Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: not for hpft Do You Have Permission to Change it?: n/a Characters to Include (Canon or Original): antonia thomas as roxanne weasley Other Images You Would Like: fireworks!! a fwooper (a multicoloured bird) flying off into the night? maybe the weasley twins in the background? Quotes to use on Graphic: none Color Preferences: all the colours of the rainbow seriously, you have free reign Mood of Your Story: happy and positive!! (with an evil heartbreaking ending, shh) Animation? If so, how? animation of fireworks actually going off would be awesome but not necessary if you'd prefer not to animate Additional Information: thank you so much to whoever picks this up!
  9. hello kris! here to request and thank you so much again for agreeing to this! Graphic you would like to claim: 7 Your story title: The Skull Beneath the Skin, but the chapter title is No-One Mourns the Wicked Link to your story: +here (please note that the title might not match because i've revamped the first chapter and there's no longer a prologue; i'm putting the edited version of the chapter into the queue asap) Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? on hpff, but not on hpft Do you have permission to re-request? n/a Penname on graphic(yes/no): no thanks Quote: hate will keep you alive where love fails (i saw this quote on your blend so only use it if you're happy to but it's so appropriate for this fic omg) Requested Modifications (if any): could you please change the model to ebba zingmark with red hair and black glasses, please? +here is her bellazon if it helps; the photos with glasses are near the bottom of the page. +this picture is a favourite of mine, but i understand if it doesn't work. thank you again, i really appreciate it!
  10. maia, i suck. i am so sorry. i've just tried to upload the cover photo/header to my profile page to see how the text placement looked, and i've just realised i mucked up on the sizing somehow. i'm on an ipad, so i can't right-click to check the sizing of an image, and i think it must resize itself for different screens because the sizing i gave you works for other people but not on my screen. +this is what it looked like when i tried to upload. i tried cropping the width just to test if it would fit, and it fits much better, so i think it may be too wide, which supports the resizes-to-fit-screens theory. :( i feel really bad having to ask this, because i have no idea what width would work best, but are you able to tweak the header width to make it not so wide? i feel awful having to ask and i am so sorry and if you don't want to make the changes then i'll completely understand! another thing i noticed is that the black line at the bottom actually covers up the bottom part of the cover photo, so the text at the bottom is obscured. would it be possible to move it nearer the top? i was thinking having the whole main text (with the speech marks, please) in two lines and then the subtext below it on the right? with regards to the font, i LOVE the handwritten aspect (it fits so well with the story but i'm not 100% a fan of the sharp, rough lines - is it possible to have something similar but with a softer feel to it? if those changes are too much, i completely understand! and once again i'm so sorry about the sizing; the cover photo is a new feature at hpft and it's hard to work out the size i need when everyone has different sizings and i honestly thought the size i gave you would work :(
  11. omg marry me pls i absolutely LOVE these!!! and i cannot wait to see the header
  12. sorry it's taken me so long to pick this up, rl is being a pain! the banner has just been rehosted and credited, thank you so much
  13. yes! i've let maia know that the request is up, but i don't think she's seen my pm yet as she hasn't been online for a few days. i'm happy to wait and see if she's able to pick this up soon though
  14. !!!!!! i love this!! it looks better than i imagined, but i do have one minor change to request - could you make the l in loss a capital L? i know it's a tiny thing but it's kind of bugging me but otherwise thank you, it looks awesome
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