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  1. @iron man - Hey Jess, nice to meet you too! I feel like I had a ~graphics breakthrough~ when I stopped using only front-facing models, so it's good to hear the change is being noticed. Thank you for the lovely comment!! ❤️ @kalopsia - I am very late to this, but thank you Audrey!! I've been working on my coloring, so I'm glad to hear you like it! The comment means a lot, especially coming from someone who always has such gorgeous, dreamy coloring 💖 @winter bear. - Hey Sarah!! The day you made your post, I was actually having a pretty terrible day at work. I logged onto
  2. Hi Kara, just returning the gallery visit! i'm a month late but let's forget about that The way you use color is absolutely stunning. They're all so rich and luxurious and your graphics (especially the signatures) make me think of like, baroque oil paintings. I'm especially obsessed with the colors and depth of this sig, and I really love how glowy this one is. I love the comp in all of your banners (especially because I don't know how to make a banner lol). There's so much detail in each one, and it feels like I could spend forever looking at them, just picking out ne
  3. klutzy_kara - You're so kind, thank you so much for the very sweet comment ❤️ bewitching. - Wow, I am so grateful you took the time to give me such detailed feedback. The text tips are very helpful — I never thought of manually coloring in the gradient or adding the drop shadow. Also I think you're right about the coloring and filtering being the reason why my graphics don't look as "complete." I've been trying to use more vibrancy lately, which has definitely helped, and will continue to experiment with that (plus composition). Thank you again for doing this critique!! I really ap
  4. Current Name: AnaInWonderland Desired Name: ana in wonderland Previous Name Changes: None Thank you!
  5. Edna - Thank you!! I really try to make my coloring bold but not garish, so I'm glad you like it! pootje - Rowan!! Hi! Thank you for the lovely comment. I can definitely be particular about making sure colors/textures are spread out evenly so that everything looks cohesive, so I'm glad someone noticed!
  6. Ahhh, thank you so much! ❤️ I really do love textures, haha.
  7. WELCOME ! Hi, I'm Ana. I use Photoshop CC. Newer stuff is near the top of each section. **CURRENTLY REVAMPING** SIGNATURES CHAPTER IMAGES BLENDS CREDITS Please let me know if you spot something that isn't credited! 4mira @ DA | 83days @ DA | 9-liters-of-art @ DA | amidnighteaparty @ DA | abbysidian @ DA | accioglow @ DA | adictedd199 @ DA | admiremystyle @ DA | alkindii @ DA | alle
  8. I was searching for images of various PBs, and I stumbled upon several gorgeous signatures that were linked to TDA~
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