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  1. Love this theme, so cute (and makes me not want to give Cinderella 2021 a try when I've been putting it off, whoops)
  2. TAMSIN hello, unsurprisingly I am back to comment on this gallery as well, as promised, but I am still absolutely floored by the way you put manips together, you are absolutely phenomenal the colouring is so gorgeous, the filtering is crisp and sharp... I love it all, okay I don't know how you do what you do, but please, for the rest of our sake's, keep doing it
  3. sarah, hello!! cannot believe I haven't popped in yet, I swear I've been meaning to. I love everything you've done, but I'm particularly obsessed with your blends. both this+ and this+ just floor me, like, how??? especially the guilty pleasure one. the text? the blank space? the colours and poses? AMAZING big canvases scare me, so colour me impressed. I cannot wait to see more of what you do, and I'll be keeping an eye on your gallery excitedly for whatever comes next
  4. @winter soldier I cannot believe how long it took me to answer this, but thank you so much for stopping in (and nice to see another marvel username still hanging around 👀)! this was so sweet of you and means a lot
  5. This theme is so cute and I'm always a sucker for more information about chocolate! now I just need a good excuse to try that mars bar treat thing...
  6. @bewitching. gaby, thank you so much for this critique + the compliments this was very helpful (and I am guilty of colouring over my text layers even if I know I shouldn't, so this is another kick to try and convince me to stop doing that!). those challenges are killer! I'll do my best all stock though!. Thanks again for taking the time to do this, and for all your kind words
  7. cue me shocked to have seen my name in here at all, and then getting to the mention of that blend I made thank you so much for the spotlight, that really made my day, and a huge congratulations to our featured artist and to everyone else!! the other graphics included are stunning and I love this month's theme (maybe time to dig up my atrocious version of Just Dance for my 2008 Wii again...)
  8. hi jess, I'm jess your gallery is absolutely stunning and I am in love with your style, but I came for this+ blend (which I saw while stalking last creations), and it's still stealing the show for me even now that I'm here (though this+ is probably a close second!). both text + big graphics scare me, so I'm definitely envious of your amazing grasp on both! in all seriousness, I love your bright colours, text placement, and overall comp -- absolutely to die for and I'm sure I'll be looking again as you add more stuff!!
  9. well, I DID promise I'd always be a gallery stalker hello!! I just thought I'd pop in again after seeing a few new things, because I'm still head over heels for your gallery . my favourites are this+, this+, this+, and this+, but it was hard even narrowing it down that much. your colouring is to die for and I love the softness of your style, and as someone who is certifiably terrified of big graphics, I still cannot get over that "god is a woman" blend. can't wait to see whatever you do next!
  10. @Lola. thank you so much for your kind comment (guess this means I can't give up on banners yet!)
  11. @kalopsia tysm for your comment! ironically, when I originally started putting together this gallery, I had a little note under banners that just said "these are the bane of my existence" and didn't intend to include any, so I'm sooo glad to hear someone likes them thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words 💗
  12. J E S S ' G A L L E R Y hello everyone, I'm jess! been around TDA for years, but haven't had a gallery in quite some time. most recent will be at the top, old works will be linked, and credit list is at the bottom everything will be a bit cluttered starting out, but we'll get there! 22 / photoshop cc / WIP S I G N A T U R E S older stuff: 1+, 2+, +3 B A N N E R S
  13. hi ana, nice to meet you!! I was just browsing galleries and stumbled across yours and really wanted to leave a comment 💗 your texture use is fantastic, and I like the dynamic poses you always choose for your models! I absolutely love this+ signature, as well as this+ and this+. I feel like they all have different moods, and yet showcase your style well. I can't wait to see what you get up to next!!
  14. hello tamsin!! I love your work (and I'll probably comment on your designer gallery later too, because that's also fabulous), and it's been fantastic to see you creating so many more signatures over the past year because you're so phenomenal at them 😍 honestly, I still have yet to get over how absolutely adorable that mag. snow signature is, but my favourites are probably this+, this+, and this+. the colouring, comp, and just overall clean lines of your style are absolutely to die for I'll definitely continue to watch out for whatever you do next
  15. hello Megan!! I love your gallery so far, and especially your use of textures to add depth to your composition. my favourites are probably these two, +1, +2, the banner for its great composition, super cool text, and really clear focal point, and the signature for its creativity (love the inclusion of the boots) and its colouring! keep up the good work, and looking forward to seeing what else you create
  16. Hello everyone! I've been on TDA for roughly ~9 years now since I was far too young to understand how anything related to graphics works, left in about 2014, and have mostly been a floater since. I thought I'd re-introduce myself though, as I'm currently in the process of creating a gallery again! So, my name is Jess, and you may know me over on PW as Elias Roy, Henri Neilson, or Reaghan Reitman. As can probably be deduced from my username, I'm a big comic/Marvel/DC fan, among many other nerdy things 😅 Looking forward to getting to know people around here again, and relearning how to make grap
  17. lexi!! hello!! (this seemed a fitting place to put my first post back in awhile ) I LOVE all your work so far (big fan of the alannah fan-mix!), but my favourites are probably these two 1+, 2+, the alannah sig is just to DIE for, I love everything about it (comp, colouring, vibe, all of it), and I'm always a sucker for some bright colours and that "chasing the sun" one is just too lovely looking forward to seeing everything you accomplish going forward, and I will surely be back!!
  18. I'm Team Iron Man. What's your team?

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    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      team iron man always :] \o/

    3. Lauralei
    4. iron man

      iron man

      low key laughing at the fact winter soldier's commenting on this like bucky we know what team you're on :'D

  19. to change my name, would it have to be for hpff-matching reasons? or are you actually able to change it if you just really want a change?

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    2. prongsbeak


      is there a limit to how many times we can change our usernames?

    3. winter soldier

      winter soldier

      not really, but as we have tight rules and when we'd allow a name change (e.g. to match your username on another site or if you've had it for 2+ years) you don't have that many opportunities to change it to warrant a limit rule

    4. iron man

      iron man

      Totally just saw all these comments! Thanks guys, that's super helpful!!

  20. fourth I will be back as soon as I'm done awe-ing over the pretties Your colouring is quite possibly some of the prettiest I've ever seen! :drop: Your entire gallery is so amazing, and honestly, save some talent for the rest of us!!! We're dying over here!!! this+ is just gorgeous. I. can't. even. I'm. dead. The comp, the colouring, the text, the literal eVERYTHING OH MY GOSH. Okay. I will most definitely be back. Congrats on finding a new gallery stalker.
  21. Vee. Vee. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Literally. I need all the graphics. I need all the threads. But right now mostly the graphics because your talent is on point. I am endlessly squeeing you. *hats off to you* Also, to end this with a pun:
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