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  1. @if/then - catherine, thank you so much for all your lovely comments, the composition and text is all about trial and error so you'll get there! i just try and swap everything around and just play around until something clicks! thank you so much for stopping by! @finxter365 - steph! thank you so much for all the wonderful comments! believe me, once upon a time i never thought i'd be able to do anything that looked good with gimp but i'm finally getting somewhere with it, but it's taken a very long time to get to this stage but i'm proud of my progress! the colouring is very hit an
  2. thank you so much for my secret santa gift, it's absolutely perfect! happy holidays rod!

  3. okay so i found +this tutorial on text really helpful so hopefully you do to. Also for text, what helped me was looking through master/veteran artist's galleries and seeing their placement and use of different texts on a graphic. Honestly, that was what really helped me to use a variety of fonts and techniques of texts so i would suggest maybe scouring through some galleries! There is also a few other text tutorial's +here i hope some of this helps you and if you have any questions, or anything, just ask! i'm also totally gonna look up hp trivia videos on youtube - i d
  4. hi steph! i'm vicki, and i'm so glad you've found your way back here! i get the falling of the wagon thing - i've done it a few times (and i don't even have a human spawn so i can't imagine how busy you are!), but I somehow always come back, there's just something about graphicking (and harry potter) that pulls you back eventually and i'm so glad you've found your creative muse again! I can't wait to see you get started and make a gallery! I'm not a mod or anything, but i'm usually always around so if you ever have any questions i'm here (i also use gimp so if you have
  5. congratulations everyone!
  6. congratulations nim! this is so well deserved <3
  7. this hiatus has killed my ability to graphic :/

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. prongsbeak


      same thing here! :( haven't made a graphic since April but hopefully it will wear off...

    3. galadriel


      you made so many gorgeous picspams for the HC, and I'm sure you'll make other stunning graphics as well. <3 I'm so excited to see what you come up with!

    4. hecate.


      i haven't either sofia, possibly even longer! but fingers crossed we'll be able to graphic again soon!!!


      thanks nim! i'm trying so hopefully i'll be able to come up with something eventually!!!! <3

  8. so good to see you around! <3

  9. congratulations branwen!!! <33
  10. ahhh, so many comments i haven't replied to! vee - omg hi, i'm literally fangirling because your graphics are just amazing. thank you so much, it means the world that you've even commented on my gallery. and please, your text skills are amazing, i'll share mine if you share yours! <3 sammi - hi sammi, I'm so glad you're finally on tda!!!! awwww thank you so much, my icons are my most hated things ever but i'm glad you like them! <3 kat - hi kat, thank you for stopping by! aww, thank you so much for all your comments! I'm glad you liked them all, especially the icons because i
  11. if someone finds my muse, please send it back \o/

    1. cheriechapstick


      Let's set muse traps and try and trap it for you! :D

  12. vicki!!! (pls dont be mad for me being late) congrats on being promoted!!! I'm super proud <3 <3

    1. hecate.


      Bex!!!! Awww, thank you so much, it was totally unexpected but i'm so happy! <333

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