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  1. Current Name: a.skitty Desired Name: ooyoo Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes Previous Name Changes: and.y and a.skitty
  2. I'm inactive for the most part rn!!

  3. :0 15 f and va amazing!! (bye i didn't respond bc i haven't been active on tda for like months)

  4. omg hold on.... ur 15 female and from va.... twinsies

  5. :^D hey you've improved so much!!! this+ is so beautiful btw keep it up ;^)
  6. yo <3 I saw you're writing a fic and that ci looked so so amazing, can you point in me in the direction of the fic pretty please? <3

  7. hi i'm andy and wow i absolutely adore your style i'm always really fascinated w/ how people who predominately use stock can make graphics so beautifully since i mostly use textures in mine i'm so absolutely in love with how you mix texture and stock together and your coloring skills are so magnificent this+ is going in my inspiration folder for every single thing (texture/stock use, coloring, composition) it's beautiful you keep doing you c:
  8. omg wowowow thank you <3 it's so nice knowing people on tumblr and other places at the same time lol... your url tho <3

    1. ooyoo


      also i followed you back B^))))

    2. rainbowprism


      you dont even KNOW the freakout i had when i saw it was available, hahahahahaha

  9. funny story i may have navigated 2 ur tumblr bc i knew u liked kpop and ur bias list is my new home its so good

    1. rainbowprism


      also i followed u :^) im sngmnho !

  10. hi-5 for being 14!!! i really love your text usage! text is something i've always struggled w/ but you work w/ it so well this+ is just so lovely and these+ have absolutely beautiful coloring in them btw this+ is just absolutely adorable omg
  11. wow hi i really love your composition style c: it's so unique and intricate i really love this+ signature because the composition (obviously) and the simplicity of it is so beautiful keep on doing what you're doing because it's so great <3
  12. ooyoo

    m i l k ;

    @gumiho: thank you so much~ a lot of people say that my work is colorful lol i guess it is x) yas kpop ^^ @Sankavi: bruh them exo gifs lol thank you for the praise but your exo b/w sig makes me cry mmkay ugh @heg4: Green is a really great color but it's so hard to work with so thank you ;~; i hope you can pick up bright coloring too ~ it's an /art/ @~Frozen~: Design idol? wow thank you haha I see you're a Taylor Swift fan c: cool cool thanks ~ @MirandaTraveler: tyty <3 @Athirah: omgomgomg i squee your graphics all the time i absolutely love your composi
  13. HIIIII THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SQUEE <3 <3 i am in love with your work btw, like legit IN LOVE. (that sounds creepy HAHAHHA but i regret nothing.)

  14. high school, here i come >:D

  15. Hey~ haha I'm still Andy ^^ I just prefer my Korean name a lot more c: You're welcome!~ You're so talented ;;

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