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  1. hiiiiii!!! i'm just here to squee your beautiful graphics and say welcome back!!!! ❤️ i am so excited you're back and I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! everything is so dreamy and soft and pretty! i wish i could have your style hahaha. BUT where are all the semicolons at khanh???
  2. There is apprehension somewhere within her, but Zi is a master at disguising her emotions. She looks calm and collected, nonchalant even, as she walks up to the sorting hat when her name is called. There is nothing she can't handle, not with her cunning, clever brain. She wants for so much, ambitions raised to heights unimaginable, unfathomable, and yet she knows that with her steely determination, she can achieve anything. She sits down on the stool, chin turned slightly upward as if daring the universe to mess with her, and the hat is placed onto her head. Then, she waits.
  3. ah! thank you so much for the squee

  4. Thank you for the squee omg! <3

  5. sorrrrry for seeing it so late (i've been mia), thank you so much for your crit! it helped lots ♥

    1. persephone.


      no problem! i'm sorry it took me so long!

  6. hey jordan! it's zi here with your requested crit. (so sorry i'm like super late with this) in honesty, when you first requested this, i just sat there and stared at your work like *.* and then RL got super busy so i didn't have enough time to properly write a good critique for you. now, so many days later, my reaction is still basically the same. i'm going to have to really nitpick for this. you mentioned that your weaknesses are text and blends. if i'm going to be honest, i think it's more like your weakness is varying font choice and text readability and headers. so, instead of
  7. i swear i will get to crits and graphics as soon as i submit my world project ;-; wish me luck guys

  8. Name: Zi Tumblr: +personal | +poetry Twitter: heliosmosis Skype: omgitszi Instagram: heliosmosis Snapchat: unzilaloves
  9. To everyone I didn't personally get to: Merry Christmas --> http://i.imgur.com/1N1g69k.png

    1. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      ahhh this is adorable!! (also ayy vs angels) thaank you! and happy christmas to you too :DDD

    2. persephone.


      you're welcome! (you really can't go wrong with vs angels) thank you


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