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  1. ugh your gallery is utter perfection I swear I feel like that ugh had to be bold to express my frustration You're such a crazy inspiration, just taking a quick peek makes me want to open photoshop instantly, your graphics are so so so good. For me you're one of the absolute best when it comes to texture use and text on tda, like ever. I can't cope with your creativity, every single graphic in here is so well structured and detailed and I feel like I could be in here for an hour five hours and still discover new things in your graphics. Also, as you're so amazing at textures and text, why do you have to be perfect at composition and coloring as well? Doesn't seem fair if you ask me Anyway, I really hope you come back soon. I want to see sooo much more from you, I'm completely in love with your style - Leo :loves:
  2. Hey there Hannah! Coming from your poll thread You gallery is so beautiful, I'm in love with so many things in here! First off the banners you currently have in here are absolutely stunning, all three of them. The comp on the 'all too well' one is to die for, you used simple tetxures and/or forms so so well to achieve a banner that looks very detailed and just beautiful! The 'cause I'm yours' one is my favorite I think, I'm completely in love with the coloring and the banner looks so soft and magical and again that composition is amazing, the text placement is perrrfect and I love the contrast of that tiny image of the girl and then the big one of the guy, the banner has a beautiful feeling to it, I love it. I love the third one as well, just not aaas much as the other two, because that's hard to achieve! I totally adore both of the chapter images as well, they look so delicate and pretty! I think the comp on the 'we couldn't quite forget' one is amazing, everything kind of flows towards the text in the lower half of the graphic and it has a perfect focal point, the coloring is gorgeous as well and it's just a really beautiful chapter image! And don't get me started on that 'state of grace' CI, what is that? The comp is amazing, so is the absolute softness of the coloring and the delicate font you chose fits sooo nicely with this CI and the way the text perfectly aligns with her form ughh so stunning! So I planned on going futher but I'm actually getting a headache right now because I'm staying up way too long, like, way way too long, I don't even know why Anyway, you have a gorgeous gallery, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your graphics and good luck with the upcoming promos! - Leo
  3. Sally! Remember me? It's been way too long since I've been on tda, what are you up to lately and how are you doing? Also I still think of you as 'fayeswonderland' so I didn't even realize it was you in that pretty pink :P Name changes are always killing me, honestly :D

  4. Phew, it's been such a long time, but anyway, moving on @Nadia: LOL your comment though YES Borussia Dortmund and YES Mats Hummels. I hope he never leaves. That's indeed him And no you didn't give me a headache, just a huge grin! Thanks so much for your comment Nadia! <33 @Rosalind: Hi back! And hi hi hi hi Thank you so so much for the comment, you're way too nice and also that gif dasdADa thank you! <33 @Tea: Pfft. You are awesome! But thanks anyway Really, thanks so much for your comment! And don't worry, crazy is good @Bex: Bex! That comment made my day, thank you so so much, it feels good to be welcomed back and also just being back here, I didn't realize before how much I actually missed TDA, I'm intending to stick around this time! If only RL would just get out the way lol Again, thanks so much I appreciate it! <33 - updated with 3 banners and 1 chapter image
  5. Hey there! Just randomly landed in your gallery and woow I love your style! It's so beautiful and, just, really really cool! It looks so effortless and egdy and different. The gallery header allone is to die for, even though it's so simple, or rather because it's so simple. Also that 'Atlas' banner is ridiculous, but really I love everything in here omg I'll be watching you, all creepy and stuff. - Leo
  6. Wow, your gallery is so gorgeous! Your banners especially are absolutely stunning. That dead sea banner? Soo beautiful. Also I adore your Jennifer Lawrence icons, they're so soft and pretty and perfect. Your current signature, the 'love me' one has such a beautiful vibrant coloring and the composition and text are perfect. And one of my favs in your gallery is the Lorde CI, it has such a cool style! So, I love your gallery, keep it up! :loves:
  7. What is this? D: There's like nothing you can't do apparently! But let's start with Hey, I'm Leo, I love your gallery. And I'm crazy jealous of your icon skills. They make me wanna make some. Until I realize I'm not able to pull them of like you are. Seriously, they're amazing! How do you work so well with textures and text and people and everything on a tiny little canvas like that? I love love lvoe your 'truth' signature, it's awesome. The coloring and texture use and everything, just And that 'burning sand' banner, holy ****! Also your blend, my god. All of them. I'm officially a big fan, I hope to see more stuff soon! :loves:
  8. Ooh, okay, I actually thought the j would be pronounced like a ...idk, spanish j? You know, like jalapeños? But if it's pronounced like that it's actually exactly how it would be pronounced in Germany, where I come from. I'll definitely have to go an visit greenland if I ever get the chance to, I love countries like that. If I'll ever make it out of europe that is.
  9. Hey there Avi! I'll just go ahead and call you that like it says in your sig because I'd probably misspell your full name. Which is beautiful by the way, can you explain how it's pronounced? (: Oh, and I'm Leo! Almost forgot about that. What's Greenland like? I've never met anyone from there, I imagine it to be really peacefull and beautiful. I'm the same with music, listening to almost anything, as long as it fits my mood. That's why I'm forever bound to skip through aaaall the songs on my iPod because whenever I'm in a specific mood the exact opposite songs pop up. Also, misunderstanding lyrics happens to me all the time. Like, Pharell Williams sings 'diarrhea, it's happening again' at the beginning of Marilyn Monroe right? Anyway, nice to meet you!
  10. Hey guys! I'm Leo, which is short for Leonie, but as I don't like my actual name everyone calls me Leo. When I first started here a lot of people (or so I've heard) thought I was a guy, but I'm actually not. Whaaat. Maybe they still do, i don't know. Anyway, I recently turned 20, I'm from Germany - one of the very few german members on here, as far as I know - and I work at an internet agency in the web design department. I joined TDA in april 2012 and I love it here! I watch series. That's basically what I do. A lot. I don't know how I find the time for the endless number of series I watch, but I manage. Maybe that explains why I'm tired all the time. Favorite shows are GoT, Fargo, True Detective, Sons of Anarchy, House, Breaking Bad and I'll stop right there because it's pointless, I'd sit here all day. Oh also Orange is the new black, love that show! And Hannibal. Apart from watching shows I have an actual life as well! I'm a HUUGE tennis fan, I play it myself, though rather pathetically even though I started when I was like 7, and Roger Federer is my biggest idol ever. He's the best. I met him once. Well, met as in took a picture of him and me. Unfortunately it's the ugliest picture that exists of me. Which is why I'm embarassed to show it to anybody. Oh well, **** happens right? I also love clothes. I feel like that is such a girly and shallow thing to say, but it happens to be true. I can spend hours on the internet searching through stores and saving all the pretty things to my favorites even though I'll end up buying none of them. Or, like, 1% at best. I probably forgot all the important parts, but I can't think of anything else right now. Ask away if you have any questions
  11. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the comment on my gallery! Totally made my day :D

    1. loveatfirstview


      Aw, you're welcome, you have such a beautiful gallery! <3

  12. „It's not beginning the story that I fear, it's not knowing how it will end.“

  13. Leooooooooo! <33

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    2. loveatfirstview


      Oh that's so cool! Congrats Karine! <3

      Ah not much either. :D

      Just work. :P

    3. golden.


      Thank you! <3

      Woo, fun times! :P

      Any plans for the summer? :)

    4. loveatfirstview


      Haha yeah, definitely :D

      Sadly no :( No vacation this year. :/ But I'll definitely take

      some time off and enjoy the weather here at home. :P

      And you? :)

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