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  1. @wildest dreams. The coloring, Composition, and text are just... wow. Great Job.
  2. The General Challenge section is pretty empty so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to post a challenge! :) 

  3. Welcome! I totally understand how daunting photoshop can seem at first but it is easy to learn. I'm happy to help with some basics if you want/need it. Send me a PM anytime. I look forward to seeing you around.
  4. Congratulations Everyone!
  5. Hi Liv! Welcome to TDA. I'm Taylor a staff mod here and can be approached for any questions you have. Feel free to PM me anytime. I look forward to seeing you around.
  6. Thanks so much for the critique, and the compliment on my sig. <3

    1. starbuck.


      no probs ^_^ that sig is gorgeous!

  7. Here you go. I hope you like it. If it doesn't work feel free to re-open this. If you are taking it please rehost and credit me.
  8. The Results are In! Congratulations to all of the winners of the Lucky Leprechauns Scavenger Hunt. Each clue has been assigned a coordinating prize. Below you will find the names of each participant who solved each clue. Clue #1 - In the days of old, They were fooled, And maybe ridiculed, But today is not that day, Solve the clue and take your prey! Solved By: @hamylton. Prize: Free Second Entry into a Challenge of your choosing. (Excludes Ultimate Challenge, and I Challenge Thee) PM a DA Mod when redeeming this claim to give them a heads up... Clue #2 - Loved and hated this character is And old as time the artist, Finding this cave of magical creatures Will prove you are the smartest. Solved By: @Kirjava Prize: A Gallery Critique from Amortentia1992 Clue #3 - List upon list of things that we hate Artists gather to laugh and berate Things that happen to us every day We come here to keep the frustration at bay Solved By: @XxTHEAvengerXxX @hamylton. @Kirjava @Choobaca Prize: You will receive a Squee on one graphic from your gallery from either one of the mods who organized this event. Clue #4- A Canvas white refresh from scratch we gather here when we need an update Solved by: @hamylton. Prize: Your choice of a forum set or gallery/ trophy thread header designed by Amortentia1992 Post your request in Specific Artist section when ready to claim. (If your really nice shoot the artist a PM to give me a heads up too.) Please feel free to drop any congratulatory notes again. Thank you to all who participated.
  9. Today is Jas's (panacea.) Birthday. Wishing you the best birthday wishes on your special day. Feel free to leave birthday wishes for Jas below.
  10. hey! silly question... but what exactly are we looking for with the clues? i know you can't give stuff away but i mean really generally like, are we looking for a hidden image (like it often is with these scavenger hunts)

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    2. Amortentia1992


      Yes, it's hidden images like a normal scavenger hunt. However, once a new clue is posted the previous one is taken down, so clue 1 and 2 are no longer available. 

    3. choobacca


      oh no! i'm looking for clue 3 anyway and i can't find it i'm so bad at riddles lmao

    4. Amortentia1992
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